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You enough dan there looking everywhere you're enjoying the event a cop is lucky and third no relaxation there a lot of things that you give up you give up your sensitivity you give up the debt sensitive it he i you now after twenty year getting it back where uh i i'm getting healing back that i should out that your lou um because you have decal you have your your job you have get complacent and there's so many paying it that blue lying can't or and it saddens me that i hearing all of the negative gave it and when i was in we did um rachel profile we're brought him to watch commanders off and he did you guys were polling over too many hispanic and we looked out of all he kicked well our rural area is ninety eight percent hispanic we don't pull over a geico at night knowing that their hispanic it or polling over violation ed just happy to be ninety eight percent hispanic in the area so most built the black lives matter are in black areas um you can go to white area community and there's very you black crying in white area both of a black right and i and i don't want to racial profile but but it's the truth note book black cry isn't in black areas well i mean again our first of all thank for the service yards wiped with my own soninlaw you know will uh you know we'll get together um you know he's got a pretty good schedule albert you know we'll get together and he leaves work he wants to come home um you know help make the cupcakes further two year old's birthday and put the dog up in the kennel in the back in you know until he has to get up the next morning um you know kiss of rebutted goodbye grab the dog from the kennel put it in a truck him you know off that go but you know nobody nobody signs up um to be brutalised order be ambush or anything else they are they're doing a job that quite honestly a lotta people couldn't do or didn't wouldn't wanna do and uh you know he.

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