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The university of texas at austin k. Ut radio this is in black. America bragging really. They don't know what they're missing. They may think they're okay. But there's a whole world out there. Put out a call letter up through letters. And i had no idea that the whole world would fine eleven county continous. All of the island can't black women who were ex patriot. Who had left the united states forever. All over your responded women near the home town of kama harasses lava. It was absolutely incredible. And i like walking around every day saying oh no oh my goodness oh my goodness and it was wonderful. It was wonderful and then a pupa girl scouts in california they wrote letter and goodness. The subject matters of the leaded regret. Take the young girl fifteen you know. Wanting to make sure he did something about the wildfires in california that the peggy brooke burcham author educator historian and community activists president and co founder of the uncrowned queens institute for research and education on women inc and author of deer. Kamla women right to the new vice-president published by red lightning books as the first woman of color elected as vice president of the united states. Comma harris broke down barriers and made history energizing a lot of women who have something to say seeing a women who look like tim occupying the second most powerful office in the three world women from africa to california canada to florida began robbing to the new vice-president in a book birches generational thoughts concerns and feelings written by spreads and harris the letters of also describing call to action. But those who will be at the vice president side through the next four years. I'm john johansen junior. And welcome to another edition of and black america on this week's program. Dear kamla women. Right to the new vice-president with author dr peggy books burcham in black america. Well is very interesting. Because if you look outside of the united states like in nepal or india the women that wrote to me and talk to me personally and then became part of my facebook group and got their families involved was stunning the way they did that that these young people were wanted me to know that This is so important to them. It was one of the most important things that ever happened to them in their lives. And they they they wanted to Make sure that. I knew that in that people in their in their communities knew that at the same time number of people that i didn't hear for it from and i thought that i'd hear a lot from young african american women in particular. It turned out that there's a. There's a large lgbt community than i thought i would hear from when senator kamla hairs was chosen by president. Joe biden on august eleven to twenty to be his running mate vice vice-president another glass ceiling was broken. Harris will become the first african american asian american and the third woman to pick as the vice presidential nominee for major party ticket on that day. Dr peggy brooks bertram began working on her latest project. Dea kamla women right to the new vice president. The book is a dynamic compilation. One hundred and twenty hartfield n emotionally moving letters to america's first african american woman vice president burcin bridges the gap bringing women of all ages races and nations who are living at different points in their lives having had very different experiences together in one book telling their stories letter by letter. Recently in black americans. Spoke with. Dr peggy brooks burcham regarding this amazing collection of thoughts. I wanna tell you that when we were trying to get the book together. I slept very ver- very little. I was really struck with the fact that because of social media people do a lot less leaving. they think. It's okay to send you a message. If for clocking and it somebody you would have taken the time to get dressed up put on the full fledged make open the wig. And whatever else and they're ready to rumble at four o'clock say like what they have made. It made a video so your first book was michelle obama. So yeah the look of letters. Yeah so what led you to one. Take on that project and then i wanna talk to you about what you wrote the introduction but first of all what led you to take on the first project with first lady michelle obama well first of all that was a historic occasion. I mean she came with the package win. Barack obama i mean it was like killing two birds with one stone. Here was a black man who was going to be the president of the united states and his black wife and the most thing that the women noted and that book was and she's not life skin. She's black like me. Oh excuse me but for sure it was Quite an undertaking and But it was a historic occasion and And that's what really drove me. You know and a and a colleague of mine to Press fullwood and remember now the social media platforms were unheard of at the time and so I i have little recollection of how we scrounge around and try to get people of women all across the country in africa to send letters and they didn't and i know we were on the internet day and night doing that but nothing like the social media. Today i found it interesting. When i read your introduction and you talked about the power of writing letters. As men historical attribute of african american women speak to us about that. Because i'm quite sure a lot of people don't understand that particular thought. Well you know. I think that for me i could only. Cbs folks from my own background. Because my mother whose parents and grandparents have been as she wrote letters she wrote letters to me and my sisters all the time and the way she wrote. The letter is that she would write a letter sometimes. It was in the form of poem and stick it in the frame of a mirror. So you couldn't miss it because everybody would stop at the mirror and she'd leave a letter there and say talk to us about various things and that was my first experience with You know was letter writing the meaning of letter writing. And then as i did. A lot of work is lisa. John various areas of history. I came across so many women and they had left messages. you know they. They'd written letters to one another and to other people into presidents of the united states. They had written letters and and they left them and they left them in their own handwriting. And i was taking at How special it was to you. Know the look at someone's actual handwriting to what they have and then have find those letters some of them hundred years old. you know. So that's really what got me started with this.

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