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The ceo of a company called fast simon formerly known as instant search plus. You'll see why they've changed name and moment but they really are shopping optimization platform there for the small businesses but they also really help enterprise brands you all the way through onto shop a flight plus and other is cms and things like that and ecommerce you know. They're app provides a water features. We'll talk a lot about on the show for sure. Ai search visual search collection filters the problems a lot of shop. If i- brands are experiencing merchandising is key and not to mention other personalization features that are built into their platform. I believe it's going to be a conversation. I think it's timely was jumping and learn more about maybe how fast. Simon is assisting With growth and scale on chiappa fai so highs zohar. Welcome to e commerce. Battling as steve. Thanks for having me my pleasure. So i mentioned a bit at the top of choice. Wanna thank you number one for coming on the show for a second time. I think just it's really important to get founders on and talking about how they're making impact. I'm in the shop by ecosystem yet. A lot of very significant shop if five plus brands that are wildly successful because of your technology and so i wanna make sure that you have an opportunity to tell your story and so let's talk on a high level. I some people may not know instant search plus or the fast simon company. So let's talk about the problems that you're solving for shop. If by brands terrific thank it past. Simon provides a shopping position platform for merchants to improve shopper experience conversion rate than average order value and this includes as you said search visual discovery. Smart collections. filter marchandise crossover combination of personalization. We work with great brands including steve madden natural. Live bali motherhood feature targets scandinavian design mastermind and thousands of others now. We saw three big problems for merchants. The first is how to enable an inspired a shopper product discovery journey and this would include all the ways that shoppers interact with the shoppers that would include search collection filters product. Finders visual discovery or accommodation's the second problem is how to optimize shopper. Journey for the merchant. And that would include the merchandising personalization and even hyper tagging and the third which is really kind of for the scaling off. The fast growing brands is how to scale both online and with physical stores and hopefully will be ending the kobe teen nightmare and go back to physical stores. So this is where things like. How do you do multi store merchandising. Which is you know merchandising. On one store and push those campaigns do your other stores overseas or how do you deal with shop fi. Pos integration into your physical store. Or how'd you take into account multiple location inventory which is relative to shop. If i so not only would provide an automated solution to each individual use case but also because our engines are using multiple vectors. The end result is actually better than any single point solution so when brands are growing they need about dozens of point apps to run their business and this difficult so our platform that only solved a array of these use cases with better results. It also makes like manageable for fast growing brad because you have one class for so many different areas and member of ray back in the beginning you really like you know your core superpower really was in the search hence the name instant search plus And that was kind of the core. But i think i recall way back in the day you doing a quick demo for me saying hey steve. Here's what we're doing on magento. Or here's we're doing other platforms and we're thinking that there's an opportunity for the shop if i were to get involved in the merchandising site so it seems that there's been quite a bit of iteration over the last year and a half and now here we are with a lot of amazing features all bundled into one solution. Definitely there is a lot been going on. Deke is really to focus on the merchants. Our goal is really kind of the online ecommerce. Merchants and our mission is to provide them with anything. They need to optimize convert better and make use of all the traffic. There are getting so. Let's talk about your journey a bit. Because i think it's interesting. You know an. I understand your interview in the past but just for those that are new to you and new too fast simon. I just would love to understand the journey of what i guess positions you in the founding team on a couple of points number one to have the desire to want to build this platform and the number two to have the technical expertise and then the team together to build this all. I think what's what's really kind of is interesting for every founder founders. Just especially me with to build something out of nothing that's really gonna wear. The the motivation comes from. I personally started out as a software engineer. I wrote a lot of code in my days. image processing computer aided design and medical imaging after receiving my mba. I products marketing business management. The space i was in was enterprise software so i became an entrepreneur which means it's basically an entrepreneur working the same company so i was envisioning and bringing products and solution to markets and product. Lines business units. You know cross company initiative after twenty years in enterprise software. I switched ecommerce so My co-founder dark greenspun. I founded a fast simon and launched in search for e commerce and our initial edge. Back then was a patented lightning fast autocomplete for e-commerce now unlike typical startups that focus on technology platform. Api we focused on the ecommerce merchants and the mission was as i said earlier to provide them everything. They need to optimize shopping. So this is where we started with search. We added the merchandising personalization of visual search and grew into a full of dems asian platform. Now it's a combination of two things on one hand working closely with merchants and translating their needs into solution and on the other is leveraging deep cutting edge technology to create a new solution that was beyond most merchants reach just as an example. Our team developed our e commerce basically from scratch. As far as i know they are only a handful of games worldwide. That actually do that. And that speaks volume of our teams deep technology expertise.

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