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All right. So in the first half, Marquel full is going to be shooting guard in the second half. He's going to be the second team point guard. Is that what you telling me? That is correct. They have a strategy where the second half will be a different team in the first half. And yeah, I guess Foltz becomes either James Harbin or a dude off the bench. One of the two, I quote. We wouldn't trade him for anyone even be upset. Said pelicans, coach, Alvin gentry about Anthony Davis, bow our you with Alvin here. I mean, I get why they say that, but they could sound beyond say, and Anthony Davis angle stay after his contract is I feel very confident saying that given the history that we've seen in this league guys, situations like this where you ought to team that started with, they don't look like they have a chance to win. They signed the first extension. They typically do not sign the second spite of all the money that they can get for staying there. My question for them is not you saying we would never trade him. Why haven't you traded him already? Like I get that you want to keep interest in your franchise. But the smart play would have been to trade him at the end of last season, but they messed up one around in the playoffs and the gay people. Hope thing. They want twenty eight or whatever it was made the semi finals of the Western Conference, and there is the hope, but Anthony Davis, what they are betting on with him is that he wants that supermax money. And now to be fair to the pelicans, no-one under these new CBA ru. Rules have turned down the supermax money, but no one who's turned down the supermax money has also gone and changed days to make Rich. Paul Brown, you're kind of crew. So does Anthony Davis want eighty four million dollars more than free agency. That's the supermax free agency probably, but is the thirty three million dollar different than the supermax and the trade? Is that worth being an LA to him. Also it's not really eighty four. Whenever we talk about that more, we forget that the home team is able to give you that extra year on. That's right. So on average annual value faces, we're talking about something that is different here. My question then goes to Boston, you did this with you made the trade is, hey, we're going to give you something that you like if you're gonna wind up sticking around Boston, has all the assets they have more players than they can do anything with. I would've tried to make this straight Allred. Nice quote, Derek Anderson has to start or Sean McDermott is in danger of losing the locker room after peterman's performance. Three, Diana Roussin about the bills, starting quarterback to love it is we, Josh Allen ruled out for the game, Pablo the Shawn McCoy said publicly. They still have confidence into Peter Mann, Bush McDermott do here. But the thing about the Sean McCoy is that he did say that you'd confidence in the Peterman. It just came after six seconds of site, literal, six seconds, six long, long seconds. And right now, if you're Sean McDermott, you are trying to get out of a burning room using a flame thrower that flame..

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