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Vision loss it's not something that you feel until it happens most people lose their vision from diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma not with macular degeneration you lose your central vision you have a blind spot right in the center of your face I can't actually see your face so even that little circle in which I could see became a big blur I was sixty five when I first was diagnosed with glaucoma there were no symptoms I had no headaches three million Americans have glaucoma have don't even know what a Levin million people in the United States have macular degeneration you lose mobility independence changes are entirely so many eye disorders can be treated if Carter my husband tells me that I had beautiful brown eyes and I don't want to lose make a plan today to get to us to visit right focus dot org to learn more this is six hundred W. R. E. C. and ninety two point one FM I'm glad Lewis you're listening ground zero Dave L. is with us tonight at ground zero talking about big foot course big put making an appearance on traffic cams in the Pacific Northwest now and certainly some interesting footage is compatible probably to the given Patterson film especially one particular image was released by the Washington department transportation of a big foot walking on a mountain pass being picked up by a traffic jam and and they were talking about what kind of thing scientists are looking for when you produce hair samples you gave us an idea because you always hear the you know the submit hair samples we always have the story well they're a lot like deer or they're like elk a rabbit or whatever and I you never get what they're looking for because you know it's like it's like you know well I've got big foot hair will okay how you gonna tell if it's a big for their weapons is something that's normal like I I was talking earlier about how they discovered that the yeti was sort of a hybrid bearer that is doesn't look anything like the Tibetan bears with something like the Himalayan bears but it walks upright if you look more like a hominid in looks like a bear and I thought well maybe if they discovered that yet he's are like that maybe big for like that how would they be able to look at some DNA differences are strange differences with the big fort how they determine it and another thing too is that look like for example you here's stats samples they say well I got scat samples so they're if they're that analyzing scat are the analyzing dietary habits of of the creature are there certain enzymes that would be produced it would be different from a regular animal what are we looking for their well okay let's start with scat scat has a very short shelf life for being able to collect any viable DNA it's almost like you have to be right under the you're collecting it is they they poop because the enzymes once they're exposed to the elements they could die off quickly so finding a DNA and a stool sample scat sample is almost next to impossible however there are certain things and like you said what is the diet of the of the crater and also are there you know specific things within this tool works got sample that reflect it's the way it digests food so if it digest food like a bare it's probably a bear if I digest like a human or has you know certain forms are certain things that we have within our skeptical then it becomes a little bit more you know something worthy of of discussion however most people don't go to that that link you know collecting of us got sample is one of the the least things that I'd be interested in how many do I just I just know that's one of the things they do collect and I one of the reasons why the skookum casted comes to mind where they had the back and the buttocks of a of a big foot to the cast of the mud and they were saying that the waiting what attracted is they would use like dole fruit that fruit left out forty beat the fruit and then it laid back in the mud and they got the cast of this big foot right but that was that's why I was asking about the scat was because what are we looking at for diet here are big foot Sasquatch omnivores or they what what do they eat mostly I yeah I'm pretty sure that they are omnivores I bet still in the speculation game we don't have a septic to actually analyze what their their dietary preferences are but it would just make sense that they would be more like a bear as far as the the diet goes when you know they eat both plants and animals for specific reasons and specific needs I certainly would have fish in L. are there there there's another question to what about bone abnormalities because I I remember back during investigations when I was younger bed they're actually bone Abner out abnormalities and some of the foot cast where you'd see that big ad that Sasquatch big foot can can they they actually get arthritic there are there are the big get the same type of bone disorders that we get I think your wrist hi am I may be wrong but correct me please the boss bird track yes worry though that definite abnormality and that was attributed to more likely a broken foot then a arthritic scenario okay well yeah that that's what Grover Krantz I believe determined so she was able to take that bone structure however and pretty much make a solid case that this was not a human and not a hoax so because the bones were where they should be for supporting a creature of this particular weight and size well see the thing is most interesting about deformities in feed and certain things but are normally talked about with big foot is that you can always tell if something's being fake because as they they don't go into detail but we look at something like the Patterson given film where you have a you know a big foot with harasses or you have you like the skookum cast you have the actual back and buttocks of a big foot the anatomy and much of the things that we as humans care about would be the same things we look into a for studying a creature that may be similar to us such as the Sasquatch and that's why I think it's fast for you thought we talk about this David Ellis was tonight eight.

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