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We're is not going to do it we're not going to do now we didn't do it before we're not going to do later which is not going to do it in fact as separate story unrelated this also broke today the state department has spent zero dollars of the one hundred twenty million dollars allocated by congress to combat ford efforts to influence us elections who is the stamp department run by all right rex tillerson well what a happy coincidence again for russia that the secretary of state that they might have picked themselves as decided that they he's not going to combat russian interference in our elections despite the massive budget huffpost reports secretary of state rex tillerson as a little to thwart a sweeping inflows campaign by the russian government and in office tasked with countering such efforts has no employees that even speak russian pair not even pretending it's comical toasted himself has continued to doubt the ability of his department to combat russia and just last month that if moscow wanted to metal it was quote going to find ways to do that well that's really encouraging here's a secretary of state now you want bigger metal they get a medal what we give you one hundred twenty million dollars to do something about it it's not going to though which begs the question who does he worked for so also goes the president now speaking which let's go to their encodes he's he works for the president he's appointed by donald trump huge right winger massive conservative now uh director of national intelligence so what does he have to say about whether this russian interference while under trump in imagine he say on its kalou hoaxer no nope nope here is trump's own director of national intelligence saying quote we expect russia to continue using propaganda social media false flag personifies sympathetic spokespeople and other means they influence to try to exacerbate social and political fissures in the united states there should be no doubt that russia perceives is past efforts as successful and views the 2018 us midterm relations as a potential target for russian influence operations.

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