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I'm joined this week by three count them, three wonderful guests who all of whom have been on before and were happy to have them back editor at IT pro today. Lisa schnauzer back. Hello. Hello, welcome back from Florida where we have. There's some commonality here. There's going to talk about things that happened in whatever happened in Orlando does not stay in Orlando. It comes onto download, apparently. So we'll be talking about various theme parks and also Microsoft, apparently not unlike the bark. Yeah, sure. Why not? Consumer tech analysts creative strategies also recently back from Florida. Caroliina Milanesi. Hello, welcome back. Thank you very much. The all star team you'd think you're like Lisa and Caroline. On the same episode, this is the best. This is the best episode of what if it was even better because video game superstar and host remastered on 'em Shaheen. Had come. All mod is also here hid. Welcome Watson, the stunning introduction and totally false. Fine tonight everything. You know the truth. All right. Stephen Hackett who is not here helped me put the show together this week, so thank you. Stephen Hackett. Let's get down to it. These are the most interesting stories of the week as picked by me and Stephen and our first topic is Microsoft, the ignite and envision conferences that Microsoft holds were in Orlando, Florida this week, which is widely Carolina were both in Florida and and we appreciate that that our two guests who are unfortunate to spend time in Florida this week or here. Sorry, Florida. Microsoft is a company in transition. It's most profitable line of business is still traditionally PC related stuff, but the cloud business offerings are the ones that are growing. Lisa wanted to throw this to you first and we'll see where it goes like, where, where is Microsoft going? We we've talked about it before, like is not a company that we need to think of as windows and surfaced like there are lots of new frontiers that Microsoft seems to be scathing toward as it were. You know, you mentioned that it's a company in transformation and. I think in terms of where it's making its money, that's probably true because if you look at it three main lines of business, the one that still has the highest overall net revenue quarter after quarter is more personal computing segment which encompasses windows ten and their own Emma device area. So they've got service making money for them. And like you said, the cloud segments are growing. So when you look at Microsoft by the numbers, it's still a windows and hardware company. However, the revenue from there, the two segments, if you put them together and those other two segments include it's as your.

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