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There's a vaccine sparing mode. You might. there's some suggestion about sprint kids about not activating kids right off the bat. Well in hopeful that has a vaccine gets more widespread spread the the risks kids will get even lower. just because i'm less likely to be infected. Yeah right you know. I heard you tell a story just wanted to ask you to share for this audience. I heard you talking about the impact of the motorcycle. Rally in sturgis. Can you tell that story again. Plays cr- i couldn't believe it. So sturgis south. Dakota's little town in western south dakota that has a big motorcycle rally every year and by big. I mean four hundred and sixty thousand. People come into sturgis south dakota for a ten day event so there was you know not you know i. I've i've seen all the pictures i've seen. Maybe one or two masks out of this whole crowd and it's cheek by jowl smack bars everywhere it just you know. It's like a perfect incubation model. In early september secured from august when say six to fifteen. But it's something like that. By early september there had been an there was an estimate that there had been two hundred and sixty six thousand secondary cases from sturgis. Either people who got infected there or people who got infected there in the came back and infected other people in their home counties that accounted for a nineteen percent of all cases in the us between august second and september. Second the estimated cost of medical care for this population of infected. People was twelve point. Two billion dollars which meant you could have paid everybody. Twenty six thousand dollars not to come. And that's i'm hearing it a second time. And i'm still just as stunned. Four hundred sixty thousand people. 'cause two hundred sixty six thousand cases so that was as of the beginning of september right so gotten now right which leads to my next question. Given the lack of cohesive national response and with colder months looming. What are the most important things that people can do in the coming weeks to keep themselves in their communities safe and i guess the short answer is. Don't don't pull a sturgis. Well the big ten's coming back with football games this this saturday. Now they're not. I don't forget people in the stands. And if they do that it's going to be at minimal capacity but those are the big crowd events that you worry about right or we get to the rose parade and stuff. Yeah you don't wanna pull any kind of mask thing but the real question is about smaller family gatherings as you know. We have everything from halloween to deal with. Those two thanksgiving to christmas and new year's coming up and there are all sorts of opportunities for small family gatherings which dr redfield at cdc has specifically started to warn people about. And i think those could potentially be large amplifying events. And you know i for one am eyeing the sort of fat tapan instead of turkey..

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