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You don't even have to be there for the pick up. Grab your title and call 877 Millwood That's 877 Melwood or go to melwood dot or GE Money News, 25 55 Doubter and mustard. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Gun makers are seeing record sales as the Corona virus, pandemic protests and the presidential election create an environment of uncertainty. It is impossible for us to get new, far arms. Now. Phil Howarth is owner of the Goose, Huh? MK chain of gun shops, he says. People are mostly buying small, easy to carry handguns, and he's seeing more women buying than ever. Concern custom is how to get a firearms licence quickly placed it there backed up incredibly trying to process for a firearm background checks compiled by the F B. I jumped to a record in June after surging since March. The boob is lifting the shares of gunmakers Smith and Wesson and stir Brugger after four mostly lead years for investors from the Bloomberg News Room. I'm an moss to on w T O P coming up at the top of the hour from CBS News on w T o P. The Southeast is facing mohr tropical weather while the Northwest continues to deal with wildfires, 8 56 Hi. I'm Patrick Singles owner knew Lacombe design. I'd like to share what one of our roofing customers say We knew we needed to replace our roof. But we've just done a kitchen remodel, and the whole thing was a nightmare. So we were apprehensive about doing another project. We kept hearing new look say how easy they make it So we decided to give him a shot. What a difference. They came out. It was total transparency. They gave us a three d image of our house, complete with the list of measurements and the.

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