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Names. I can get Rachel back. Nobody puts baby in a corner. That's right. Nobody dies with baby in the corner. All right, Tracy Taylor, look at traffic. And then by the way, you and I get a chance here, the minimum weight sounder again. We love that because to grocery stores, they're going to give their employees an opportunity to experience the true minimum wage. Which is $0, although it's not really a minimum wage story, but still close enough road is back Open on highway 101. This is just a north of the Shelton City limits from an earlier semi truck crash, where they had to kind of clothes, a roadway in fish out the semi and then clean up the mess there, But the good news is it's back Open. Bad news is we're dealing with the backup south and five for the midway again after Highway 18 to the dome. Things have thickened up outside of liquid down to joint base. Lewis McChord the Valley freeway still struggling outside of Pacific and 5, 12, as we get closer to the fairgrounds, you will find some slowing around the South Hill Mall crash on South 25 to 20 of them. Mountlake Terrace has you lined up outside of alder wood? We'll have more on that in 10 minutes. Traffic Brought to you by Chevrolet Buick GMC appear wallop. Find a better buying experience that Chevrolet Buick GMC Up you off for every new vehicle comes with oil changes and warranty for life in no stress pricing. Visit Chevrolet Buick GMC a. Puyallup. Com Cairo Radio, Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor Baby steps. Bonneville International Radio station contests are open to participants at least 18 years of age or older that air residents of Washington state.

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