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Six months ago hurricane maria hit the island puerto rico hi circle hurricane relief down please all we have is us there's no fema here there's no armenia you know only the people the people people suffer today on politico pulse check we'll look at how the island is still reeling from the devastating storm and what that means for the millions of puerto ricans seeking healthcare i i'll talk to politico's danny vinik who recently returned from puerto rico and has a new story comparing the federal government's response to hurricane maria with hurricane harvey which hit texas then after the break i caught up with dr series barbaro new york city's deputy commissioner of health who led a team of responders down to puerto rico to review the healthcare challenges plaguing the island just reminder if you like pulse check you can help us you can rate the podcast review at shirt with a friend all of those help us find new listeners and let me know at d diamond politico dot com or at diamond on twitter and who you bike to hear from next and what topics you want to hear on this show many listeners suggested in rhode on puerto rico and that's why we're doing one today i'm joined now by danny vinik is just an editor of the agenda who's out with a major new story how trump favored texas over puerto rico danny your article traces the different federal response to hurricane harvey in texas and hurricane maria and puerto rico how different were those responses.

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