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Welcome back to the GSM soccer podcast. Basically, we spent the first two segments on EPL topics. I segment talking about all the games that took place over the weekend. Second segment talking about rain on once again and other segment we move on and I just wanna say this all four leads getting back into the Premier League next season. Marco BS let has those guys playing absolutely out their minds for the first two matches of the championship season. Two games, two wins seven goals to give. One point behind Middlesbrough who played three matches saw assuming Liege after the third match could be leading the championship table. Really talk too much. I'm only we've ever talked championship here, but nonetheless, I said, all four Leeds United. Getting back in, it's been long overdue. Preston v of look good after two games taken away six points. Same with Wasi. All the way in the bottom you look, oh, is that Stoke City? I see. Again, this is all early matches in. So obviously the tape is going to be switching up and all that, but Stoke City not really looked to well in their first two matches. One are drew one lost one. Giving up four goals scored two. They're right there at the bottom with q. PR and reading. But I'll definitely be rooting for Leeds this season in the championship. I do want see them move up. And they've had trouble with managers over the years. But it seems like I mean, they got lucky getting Markle BS lead their former Marseille manager. Mexico. I remember once wanted to hire him, but our the way our mean do the genius. I'm sure he's going to do well. And like I said, I expect to get leads up. Maybe Derby County and their most recent match. Ended up meeting them for one poor, Frank, Lampard. Not really a great match there, but there'd be county didn't when their first game against reading to one so parts one in one right now, we'll see how he does the rest of the season. You get Stephen Girard over in Scotland, coaching Rangers. I mean, it's crazy. Watching these guys play being at the best of their best. And now we're at a point where managers feels like I'm getting old feels just like it. But either way we move on from that Cristiano Renaldo finally played his first match with Venice, more of a closed doors friendly. He didn't up scoring one zero or scoring a goal there though..

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