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That this plant has many components uh well so you know that the problem is that this is a euphoric the out the cannabis sativa at a plant that we found that it marijuana it added that you report which was thc that's the only work oil of all by an oil and in the flat but that is the problem we have the history of getting four and b you drop drugged up in laughing i'm doing philly thing and uh associated with the structure of decades teaching chuck so that is the thinking about that we have to get away from because that's only thc and if the cpp it has nothing to do with that this is about feeling and you're saying that people with chronic conditions that we've mentioned the fibromyalgia the arthritis that they will get relief and possibly be symptomfree i take the fourthbest best diagnoses for safety beiber myongja will battle syndrome migraine and anxiety and i think you're just realized how many people were talking about eighty five it might alger migraine and abel balbo federal i'm going to beat the best treatment i know after thirty years of practice with is better than any other fda approved medication for those particular condition uh but you know that undertake at a lotta people not a lot of a lot of you know with pera minute people's flights affected by these diseases pat is so huge isn't that huge say those poor things again so part of my alger migraine uh you ever will battle syndrome and anxiety wow uh that is i mean it that's brilliant it's so brilliant that we have a solution that you do not need it prescription for because fyi cbd is legal in all fifty states without a prescription and that's that's what we're talking about you know i very much cutting total of briefly mentioned no no no plea was yeah like bush book was written for doctors and crump shit nurses and built 100 of resistance especially from doctors nurses have been more effective but parliament caused the resistance about medical cannibus federal death book to empower the people i've bypass the doctors because if it an over the counter project crystal supplemented available like you said online or any state and i am powered that much.

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