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It's gonna be pretty mild through the end of the week feels like April in were a little cooler this weekend we'll see a chance of rain showers late tonight lows in the low sixties rain showers around to begin Friday that overcast skies with highs in the low to mid seventies I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeau from the weather channel on one of six one of him talk twenty twenty election with a capital C. is happening here better it's just you know who's different on one oh six one FM talk to your best selling author and four time Emmy winner coach Pete to root on the air every week with the analysis breakdown the please let's look at what they're charging let's make sure you're getting your money's worth thank you and have a lot of time did you know there's a passage for a free download audio best selling book seven just as the seven baby steps dot com to get yours three seven baby steps dot com seven baby steps dot com thanks for calling one eight hundred got junk this is Serra how can I help when your trucks stopped in front of my neighbor's house their flowers begin to bloom in the clouds went away and the sun came shining through we bring the spring time with us I thought that was just a slogan no we can make it spring time anytime I get a clean garage and a clean yard and a deep cut or health to date we work seven days a week and we can either in ninety minutes John or visit one eight hundred got junk dot com the podcast channel begins evenings at nine on one oh six one FM talk and now back to the part time genius podcast I know the company's doubted whether they could switch out the big Mike.

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