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Boundaries of their instruments as well as themselves personally to do anything less to him was incomprehensible but with this sometimes confrontational nature other musician steered clear of the tension and found more agreeable placement dizzy gillespie for one found that his easy going nature and his willingness to dazzle the audience was a better fit for the club and dizzy found fame early and quite easily the loneliest conversely while he refused to pander to the crowds and instead he continued to push the limit if they didn't understand what he was doing will he had no time for them but with the hardline stance came the inability for him to pay his bills or rise above the house position he held for so long white music critics at the time didn't understand monks incessant need to play slow and angular when all other jazz artists were playing fast and straightforward even miles davis would come to ask why was the loneliest so stubborn and what's with his need to revisit the same group of notes over and over again suddenly changing chords that never made sense it was infuriating to listen to for thelonious though every change he made made absolute sense to him there were no wrong courts they were the positive result of endless experimentation and just like the audience if miles didn't get it it was because he wasn't pushing himself hard enough while maoz may not have got mongst talent there were others who saw the genius early on in wanted everyone to take notice guys like hall overton an american composer and jazz musician who was fortunate enough to work with monk on the album the the loneliest monk orchestra at town hall in nineteen fifty nine he said of monks playing style that he adjusted his finger pressure on the keys the way baseball pitchers to the ball to make the path bend or curve or dip in flight tenor player johnny griffin said of monks music his music grew from nowhere else but from inside of him further to these men was one person who was a real champion for the cause and she was lorraine gordon who owned the village vanguard club there was an immediate connection to him the moment she heard him play and it was from that moment that she spent her time as a tireless promoter of his work with her husband's support they decided to record his music on their label blue note records so was this a beginning of the loneliest his career did fate bring these two together to let the world finally see the genius that was monk well no the shadow well it just wouldn't be lifted yet even with the ample supply of records it seems this shops in new york city he weren't interested in selling anything he made lorraine remember shop owners telling her late in want the records and the people that came in to their store they didn't wanna buy them one owner told her bluntly he said lady no one wants to buy a record from someone who sounds like he plays the piano with two left hands all the point was clear the loneliest was playing on a different level and it wasn't resonating with the general public his work was complicated with notes that hit the ear harshly at times and speaking of harsh boy could he be difficult he was too abrupt or seemingly ungrateful yeah felonious wasn't a people person he was absolutely someone who rubbed most people wrong way but there was a reason for this a reason that had been there all along but everybody failed to see but as the years dragged on in a career that failed to gain any momentum or provide any monetary relief the episodes has his family would come to know well they got steadily worse he could be manic and convert he could be completely solemn and withdrawn to the point of being an absolute mute for those who knew him it was a type of silence so deafening they did all they could to avoid just one second of it with the support of his family and his family was amazing supporters of his work his wife absolutely dedicated to him throughout their entire marriage it's just incredible what nellie did for him but they did all they could they they subjected him in pushed him to see doctors but the doctors meager attempts to diagnose unwilling patient they failed miserably the lithium they prescribe did nothing to combat the seemingly bipolar displays the doctors even suggested electroshock therapy but it has family wouldn't allow it but to his credit the.

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