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Sirius XM forts presents with Steve Big aw horse racing handicapping interview this is really stupid in a very good Tuesday race fans Sirius Xm one sports oh nine sixty four listening on Siriusxm online and at our website tubes the big dot com a second day and the Middle Portion of book one at keeneland after yesterday's terrific. Ah what else are you going to say terrific opening session. We'll talk to Jessica Martini from tedium to start the second half of the show the noon actually very comfortable new starting time time and the way in which the sessions are are scheduled couple hundred hips each the first three days comprising book one and so for instance yesterday what they must have ended up about five five ten and it makes for makes for a nice pacing really a good way Ed ease into the two weeks then things will pick up in terms of length of the sessions and they'll get into the earlier evening when they start book two on Friday and Saturday they'll sell three hundred and change inch each day and then next week about four hundred are catalogued for each of the sessions yesterday and we'll get the details from jess but you had seven seven figure sellers the session topper for the tap it coat. It's a good dolphin who was very active yesterday. Shake mow on hand two a half million dollars for the hinkle bread and consigned Colt Colt out of seeking Gabriel and Kabri Al and the second seller the Medaglia d'oro out of terraced tango mentioned the Tears Tango and her first foal and it's a home run stonestreet bred and raised consigned by Denali Stud big day for the band or off and for the the hinkle family Godolphin with the the top two knockdowns two million one hundred fifty thousand for the Medaglia d'oro Colt two and a half million for the tap it Carlin with a a very big day and a second a million dollar hip four hinkle because the colt out of transportation one million fifty thousand two Chadwell and shake Hamdan who was just as as as spirited a buyer as his brother Shay camp in for shad well of course and I know I've got the the the totals somewhere I think I think let's see I've got it here. I'm GonNa tell you right away. Godolphin bought three shadwell bought five five million two hundred fifty thousand for Godolphin with their three purchases his and shad well three million sixty thousand averaging six hundred twelve thousand. Perhaps they're not done obviously they'll buy plenty more Larry Best. You can't hold a big time or sale without Larry Larry the oxo equine when you see it and it mischief he is he he does not see into mischief that he doesn't WanNa buy unbelievable he buys the Sealy Hill Colt bred by Bon John and consigned by gateway that was nine hundred fifty thousand also took home the into mischief that her draken fielding three quarters of a million dollars for that one that was twenty eight early in the sale the top Philly Medaglia d'oro not not surprising out of the Flatter Mayor Sto Shoe Barbara Banke Snow Street buys this one read by the brand names nine hundred thousand hip one fourteen stonestreet really on on both sides selling telling and buying plenty active and the a lot to digest out of not just day one but this book one activity and we'll get some of the best stories from Jessica Martini when she joins us and the thing that's amazing. I Dunno if you saw any other quotes from Bob Ellison but of the three book one sessions this wasn't necessarily the one that they expected to have the kind of fireworks. It's hard to do book one book two comparisons but session one versus session one this was this was very strong and it didn't start out I I watched about the I must have been the first hour and a half and then had to do some things eighteen came home and we sat outside that's coffee and watched the middle portion of the the action. I missed the two and a half million dollar seller live and then did catch the second two million dollar purchase a little later her and this was this was a great way to start the long road of two weeks of Horse Sale so we'll get Jessica her her colleague Brian Denardo will join US Thursday. We'll have live from Lexington tomorrow. He's on hand and we'll we'll see how everything out of these these first major sessions they'll take Thursday off and then book to Friday and Saturday so just really one of the most interesting fortnight's of the calendar the Keeneland Sale Nice diverse. It seemed like a very diverse group of buyers will see with Jessica asked the say happened to note you know some of the top sellers going to Japanese interests. You had plenty of partnership type activity what thing I didn't really delve into in terms of the buyers will ask Jessica what she saw out of curiosity of regarding some of the the pin hook interests curious looking down on the pages print it out it just the nine pages and then there was a widow the last the last seller last seller went on the went by itself quarter of a million dollar Judd actually buying a union rags colt out of wild forest that was the last I hadn't seen the until now hadn't really noticed what is the last purchase but now Peter Bisi Peter Bradley hundred eighty late in the sale for a quality road philly tap it Philly for Len Green. Dj Stable that could be a pin hook procurement as it happens Arnaiz were aren't as I think we're twenty nine percent. I think that's the number that I saw so we'll flesh out the rest of the stories when Jessica Martini joins us and as we always say it's never too early uh on these conversation mornings never too early for a Martini when it's Jessica Martini from the TV end and great coverage average by Nicole Russo also by the team at a lot of horse. There's just virtually every nook and cranny of the sale L. activity gets covered especially these these big early sessions today will watch for a few prominent broodmares in particular some personal favorites Catherine Sophia her first foal goes today as three a one and the band Ross Alley at a very nice day yesterday couple of curling's for eight hundred thousand Carlin had an excellent day again and of Kirwin so big Saratoga carrying carrying the stair the sale day at the spa her her second baby is a tap philly. Catherine Sofia's Philly is by pioneer the Nile quite a few notable pioneer the Niles today brownie points the lovely Brownie points and the now he's got this colt by. I pioneer the Nile today as well believe you can Airdrie Very Jones. The Kentucky Oaks Oaks winning filly. She's got a warfront coal that sure to be sure search absolutely sure to be popular buehler appealing Sophie very strong female family frosted a lot of people watching the frosted also Denali holy cow just looking at some of the the hipster watch the Coal Rousseau had put together with your memories early very early today Winter Memories Philly tap it Darby Dan of course little unusual to see them sell affiliate usually it's the boys usually it's the boys that sell and they keep the phillies but here's a chance to Vanni into one of the really strong female families and of course we talked yesterday with Catman you heard him in the last hour on the replay winter sunset sunset and this is the full sister. Actually this would be if it's tap it Yep tap it with your memories so full sister Mr Two now the I think he's actually this is that does your second stake at Indiana so lie as always we're we're fascinated and and captivated by the sale and had we'll look forward to it and conversations the next couple of days as well said tomorrow we're going to have I guess that it's been too long between visits and Rob Whiteley as respected a breeder and and heard manager as there's there's been in the second half of of the century and into the into the two thousands rob you know only got a handful of Mares. There's these days just six of them but he's going to join us. After this break to talk about the the Mayor Cover limit yesterday I thought Matt Hegarty dirty was terrific talk about the nuts and bolts of the story but the first littler literally the first person I thought of to bring some historic perspective to this was rob widely and for those that over the years of Red Rob's insights about the industry and about breeding in the TD end and when he would write the op eds and and so forth you know just how thoughtful they a he is a and I think he'll get a valuable perspective particularly about how this affects how this could potentially benefit the smaller breeder who is the one that has been at the greatest disadvantage edge against these these large books the biodiversity Oh diversity topic. I don't know that that that jury seems to be out but because you know there's a certain I said this yesterday. There's a certain base of stallions out there these days so rob widely is gonNA join us and delighted the any any reasons a good reason to talk to Rob leap at this was particularly appropriate. I thought for you to hear from Rob Dick Powell. We'll talk talk about yesterday at Press Kyle and the mile yesterday. There's that there's that again the earl of back earle mack one that he that he owed by himself not in partnership Mr Reds Josie Carroll comes in and wins the press Kyle Mile yesterday there was also the malvern rose and also the finger lakes yesterday the aspirin and the lady figure we'll get those results it eddie surly top of hour to talk about the weekend in more detail about the action that Belmont all the good racing that lies ahead hopefully hopefully surprises might actually would if you raise it. It was crazy parade of how how crazy was it until a certain point I think on Sunday the longest price of the first three days of Belmont was the Chad Brown steak witter the paid close to twenty dollars. that that that one the the Christie cat turf war right we're going to also I'm really looking forward to Glenn Todd and daughter. Shelly todd odd hour three. You saw what they did. At at Hastings they've won a lot of races over the years gone dot has at at ace things but they won the British Columbia Derby the British Columbia Oaks and one of the one of the supporting stakes so we'll talk to the to add more take a break good rob Whiteley but we come back. It's the races who's with feedback on Sirius Xm radio hey what's going on. Mike here and.

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