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Williams, hi there. I heard paints or forty percent off. Yep. And stains to right here, only at your neighborhood. Sherwin Williams store right now. Well, June seven ten right on, right. June seven through ten forty percent on scenes with sale prices starting at twenty three. Oh nine only at your local store, retail sales only. See store for details. Taught. It's all about location, location location. But this is in your parents real estate market, and it doesn't take trigonometry figure out this. What inventories? Gilo. Everyone's home goes up in value right now. Marcus about location location, timing. To jump in our friend Nelson. Santiago is a real Taran certified property manager XP relatives. Licensed in forty nine states. The fine print details. Three three x peed in beat. That's three three three nine seven forty six fifty. Again, the Las Vegas real estate market is on fire. XP realty is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation. Owning real estate. Still the best best of your financial future. XP. Three three three nine seven forty six fifty eight. Union weaken on. A union with a legacy for hard work and getting things done. We're the ones. City. Our members are. Being is our number one priority. Labors union. Seventy two. Union proud. Join us on Friday June fourteenth as the southern about a sports hall of fame inducts, the class of two thousand nineteen the Anna REEs includes Steve carp. Hunky Cooper's garra.

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