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Akiva it's a mandate here that Dr Amanda You rob I really need a new podcast. If Bill Nights spare time I consider getting a house plant, but I hear they're more difficult to take care of the kids. They Robin. Kiva. It's just east and I can guys should start here podcast because I always looking for ways to start a new spreadsheet and I feel like I make great assistant. What's up Robin Cuba it's your boy hilty. First of all y'all are Joe. Yala jobs and That's not an offensive way. Early Twenty ten slang about you know what people would call each other. Only say oh, that so JOE's. Like I'll come on this new podcast toddler be fun. But anyways I gotta go Love You by Oh love you is Jesus. Well, how do you? Ho Kiva Frail Mary here I. Think you should start another podcast because I'm getting dangerously close to moving again and I really need another three or so of content a week to keep up my procrastination streak. IRA and Akiva just made Matt Gray just sending you guys a little message. I've been thinking that You guys start another podcast I feel like a lot of people have listened to it and you guys your best friend. So unless you guys are best friends like. A Modern Day, Spongebob and Patrick so we should definitely consider. High Cuba it's Kayla. You should not do this podcast because you know. For starters. Do you even own a pair of shoes. Leases can't tire shoes can't. What makes you think that you could do a podcast? When one can't tell your shoes to you can't Cook as you question, wasn't Nice Akiva. I'm so sorry I. Don't know how that one guy here. Did you forget about me..

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