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That all of this may have been implanted in that you are the victim of some type of mind control programme in you you you feel that it's real because it's real to you but all of these could be implanted memories or however no right wing that uh so um i i'm early know i know that all for you know my experience were definitely you know not and planted at clinton even lila program on but you know there uh the uh hurdle from other for that at an interfaith with that we call cleveland that if can then bags the florida group is somehow uh manufacturer it all right right and you know kouwadja you know it uh you know you have to kind of often look at the the trend of the information of wine what what is the agenda why would they mindcontrol me too then go up to the public and reveal information that they do not want review you know i did it it doesn't make sense you know the the more in the uh the math consciousness book uh the the the the more we pull away from his control group so uh they definitely do not want this information out and you know quite honestly that i wasn't putting out the correct are putting up what i believe to be true information i would not at come under you know he did this huge attacks that we saw a half happen you know that the very coordinator the patch via the the and they have been very public to as well well it let let's move on really quick before we i uh get out of this segment um whites was the general announcement uh overall that came out of the uh the last twenty six page report well the the biggest takeaway of god uh humanity it apart of twenty two different genetic program that have gone on over young and were coming to a point in each start system these new come in the genetic former race for the super fedaration and then they come up with a green come to agreements with each other about who is gonna take care of this race with this group uh on that planets of indigenous people they begin to manipulate them uh both spiritually and genetically and but uh and then i think it to a certain point they begin feeding them look technology.

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