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Website where you can go there and you can buy a drum home tee-shirt, which is super comfy and I'll have more merch up there soon. And while you're on the website, if you want to help support the show in a different way, you can become a member of patreon where you get all kinds of cool perks starting at $2 and four $5, you can get the episodes early and it goes up from there with a lot of really cool stuff. So check it out and go to drum History Podcast. Com and check out the merch. Thank you. Enjoy the wage. So Welcome to the drum History Podcast. I'm Heroes Bar vanderzee. And today. I'm honored to be joined by Dan Bailey day and welcome to the show actually have any Bart. Yeah. So should mention you're the drummer for The Great Father John Misty. You are the creator of the really cool Bailey method series got one and two number three be coming out soon, which we can talk about later on. But so the topic today is using vintage drums in the studio. A lot of people do it, but there's some pros I'm sure there are some cons obviously. So yeah, you're in you're you're a big vintage guy. So why don't we just jump in? I figured we'd kick off with maybe like, what are the benefits of recording with vintage drums verse using just, you know, go out and buy a Yamaha recording Custom kit or something like sure well, I mean and you know, depending on the application the recording custom might completely rule, you know, or not might it will because those drugs are wrong. But I think when I'm picking drums, cuz I have a you know, a handful of I got an old grand old Camco and some old Ludwig stuff and and then I've got you know some Modern DW drums. I got some Modern Q drums and I've got a Yamaha kit in storage somewhere like yeah, I mean, it's just for application. It's like, you know, if you're if you're playing on a tune and they go like yeah, man, we really want like the 1968 Ringo thing or like, oh, we were really going for plastic Ono band which in my case, you know with my band that's always what we're aiming for that doesn't come out of a DW collectors, you know, like that sound that sound is a is a three-ply show from the sixties. So and you can get it with Rogers or gradual Ludwig or you know, whatever but that is the vibe and there's something about how those instruments age that just gets you, you know, not only the construction cuz obviously in 1968 that was a new drum kit..

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