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Every time about. Why I agree with that nickname, giant is so excited. She's happy about it. She got beyond. Say they both from Houston. But when you hear the song, like how how how much of a trace of Mexican do you hear like everything sounds like the onset. Halsall sounds like they. Don't love it I. Love It, but. Like she's stuck up, she took a whole tone. Well, it is a remix. When you get a feature on a remix to feature steals to show. I mean really that's like mix it up a bit. Not Jacket Jonah like she took the whole song, and but you know what. This is still make the song up the charts, though and is still McGinnis dallying songs so just the country. Put elevate, we're all dear. Ella Matrix Mustard Neil porta-john Different. Remains though fishermen first official. Authorized Meghan Italian knew it was happening. She put it out. She's getting credit for it. Yeah, totally. Saying I'm not saying because weather, somebody, new somebody or not, the point is it blew up I pink like I. Love Megan Italian Like I just don't really hear her in the Remix I, hear. The. Wayne Clean. Have you had breakfast yet? Represent this morning. You? Because you up compared beyond John Cleese this morning, and you making your own uncle. Schaal ahead hurt. Him a little cranky. Chest Eight, hundred, five, hundred, five, one, zero, five one. If you need event, you can hit us any time now. You got rooms away well. Let's talk about Nikki. Moniz does a cat and their number. One Song we'll get into. That will tell you what both of the ladies had to say all right? We'll get into that next. Keep it locked this to breakfast club morning. Breakfast Club. Morning. Everybody J. Envy Angela Gisha mean guy we all the breakfast club. Let's get to the room. Let's talk the Robin Hood Benefit Concert. It's about suck. The report. On the breakfast club. The as Robin Hood in iheartmedia teamed up for Risa New York telethon and raised over one hundred and fifteen million dollars to support new. Yorkers who are most impacted by corona virus. Yes, that's a huge number. In addition to tonight's telethon over forty four million dollars of the funds were already raised the Robin Hood Relief Fund, and over one point five million has been raised through robinhood relief corps, including a without zero, Katie, couric and new. York sports teams who also launched a go fund me fundraiser to engage their networks, so that was a huge deal. Some of the people that appear last night Jennifer Lopez Chris Rock Governor Andrew. Cuomo Athena Barbra streisand Bette Midler, though the Blasio Rizza Pepper Rosie Perez, rabbit to narrow lin-manuel, Miranda's Mariah, Carey Staying Tina. Fey hosted the whole thing Robert Deniro, the show so is a big deal yesterday so nothing maybe. I didn't hear you mentioned any new. York City IHEART radio personalities though. Right now, that's actually. A Different Angie Maher. That Angie. Maher is a chef, but did I that I heard us any of its radio personalities. No no Elvis Duran, nope. I'm on. US But the rain at least in New, York. That on there. All right well. Congratulations to Nikki Moniz and does a cat. They had their first collab-. Number. One on billboard's hot one hundred. This say so remix. It's the first collaboration between the two of them and Hashtag. They're using is Hashtag. When Queens Unites, so here is. Does your cat thinking? Nicki, Menaj and ARBS show. I wanted to say thank you. Nicky so much and Thank you own my God to. Barbs! Holy. I've never in my life seen anything like that. Ever as far as fan support saluting tropicals Bob's Nicki, Menaj does your tax that's Dope De. Bill Boy Nicki Menaj so put on. Social Media can't thank you guys enough going so hard this past week to help us make history You'll never understand how much you up with overwhelming love and support you continue to show I. Love You so much like so much so much dare does your cat thanks for trusting me with your baby? Hope? I lived up to your expectations. You're so extremely talented and so deserving of this moment. What time are you showing? Your boobs love neck because she had to deal and she was supposed to show her boobs when that happened when they went to number one and here's what does a cat had to say about that? I just realized. I have to show my boobs real hard. I'm just going to be honest with you, guys. I did play you. I'm not showing my boobs real hard man. What if they? What if they take her number one back then? They can't take it back. Because she made a promise. He didn't keep a promise, so I wanted number one back, okay? Country so congratulations. Yes, I right now. Here's a surprise. It happened bad bunny put out a surprise new album over the weekend. Los Que no, we Bina sillier that means the ones that weren't going to be released, so these are songs that were unfinished tracks, and some of them he just you know decided to finish them up and put it out some tones. Biggest names are on that album. A lot of collapsed on Amazon there Yan del Nicky Jam on there. That's trending over the weekend. Bad Con Nikki here's a little snippet of that..

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