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For republican house hopeful president trump's trying to give a helping hand to a republican candidate who is now in a very tight race for a congressional seat in western pennsylvania rix account is facing a strong challenge from democratic newcomer conner lamp mr trump took part in a campaign rally but he mostly talked about things other than seconds candidacy like north korea we been very strong andrey vigilant and now lots of things i think it could happen we'll see lamb as a former marine in federal prosecutor who's never run for public office sam litzinger cbs news treasury secretary steve mnuchin has revealed some of the key conditions for meeting with north korean leader kim jong on the president has made it clear that the conditions are they have an impact there's no there's no nuclear staying at it there is no mess halls and those will be a condition through through the meda nutrient on nbc's meet the press today senator ron johnson on cnn's state of the union says the us must be cautious dealing with north korea you have a history i was happy snookered again must not be ah charlie brown to north korea's lucy johnson says he favours ratcheting up sanctions on pyongyang until there's complete verifiable and irreversible the nuclearisation british authorities are trying to calm the fears of people who might have been exposed to a deadly nerve agent the story from cbs's larry miller in london up to five hundred customers and staff of pub and a restaurant in cells berry england have been told to wash their clothes and possessions after the discovery of a nerve agent left behind by a former russian doubleagent sergei scrip all in his daughter yulia who were poisoned and remain in comas chief medical officer sally davies this is pretty cool advice aimed at only those people who were the venues the risk to us the general public remain slow larry miller cbs news london parliament a china today removed term limits for president and vice president in beijing reporter stephen mcdonald of the bbc says it was without fanfare media is just completely quite be there and get all of his some kind of a change the constitutional going down on the gradual the people nothing to worry about nothing to see here and in terms of.

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