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And see us and all the video the video everywhere when this guy was walk in a mile away from the school or two miles away from the scores him and apparently the place had a description of him and a police officer saw stopped jumped out of the car pulled out his pistol ordered him at gunpoint to the ground it was at this point that a car coming up on the scene distorted rolling video with their phone a second police officer arrived sprang into action first responders good guys with guns went over cuffed this miscreant and uh they took him into custody without resistance and without um without violence which of course led charles blow charles blow that really is name it is that's really is night yeah charles blow of the new york times on and i think cnn but they've got now everybody's out there you got maria shriver you got george took kauai almanai he's out there he's tweeting about it it's clear now more than ever that something must be done to stop these violent and horrific acts my heart goes out to all those affected by the senseless tragedy apparently that lefties didn't attack george to kyw for that they only attack president trump they attack congressman scalise because it's a partisan issue gloria estefan weighed in she's because you know i i definitely when i when i see a tragedy like this i definitely want to know what gloria estefan is thinking chelsea handler is always there reliable nutcase filled with anger and hatred lefty we have to elect candidates that are not funded by the nra by the democrats have done a great job of demonizing the nra having that they've brainwashed everybody it's it's quite remarkable nra honore it's just yet hit him with a pen and they say nra nra nra in november she continues we have an opportunity to elect candidates who won't allow kids to go to school and get shot a really because republicans are electing candidates that allow kids to go to school and get shot is that yes because of the nra it's disgusting how many times this has happened and republicans do nothing i'm sorry barack obama was president for eight years where do i think they banned the bump stock that went a long way in it that really solved all the problems of the world yes it did you bet you're bottom dollar charles blow of the new york times writes and this.

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