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But now Patrick mccune wrote the oxygen advantage got to know him sort of doing that very very important on nose breathing were the only mammals so from a dog and the dog needs to regulate body temperature. So it has to breathe through the mouth. But we are the only ones aside from that dog that brief through our mouth, and it keeps us in that stress state. So those breathing the exchange within the knows crates natural nitric oxide, which is a a dilated or that opens up blood flow and good for the brain interns on Patou itary all of that stuff. So and then helps to deal with kind of the build up of CO two. And that's usually the impetus. Of of needing to breathe it's the build up not the lack of oxygen? So we've been experimenting with nose breathing. Now changed my life completely. I I work out with with knows knows breathing all the time, and we do some breath holds on X sales and do a bunch of stuff. And then we do a lot of in the pool training over the last ten years, hold your breath. I don't know. It's usually under stress that was like one of the it is, but we're usually doing something. Okay. So it's usually involves some heavyweight pulling down to the bottom of the pool can't breath, or we'll do it on an ex hail. So when you act HALE, and you start something all the bells are going off ready like what the hell you doing breathe. So then you're dealing with. The underwater stuff is tricky because. It's a you have to remain calm, and you can't freak out. 'cause you're you're you're underwater number one. And number two. Is you burn your oxygen really fast? When you're stressed out of like fighters, any kind of boxers UFC guys big weight trainers who come in the pool. They really don't have a good time in it's hard for them to click into that. Okay. I gotta do very hard movement underwater and stay calm because the that's the only way I'm gonna get through it. So and then learn Gabby started this now they have certifications and things like that. And they do groups in the I'm still one of the advisers on, but it's called experti-. So extreme, I don't I think it's still extreme performance training, or whatever it is. But so that came out of a decade of us playing in the water, and we still do that's one of the greatest workouts ever. Yeah. You know, what the reasoning is for why you like the lucidity happens in y you like you're able to almost tap into vicious and stuff, you know, what that is. Way beyond my pay grade of neuroscience, but I definitely know from a high dopamine perspective and an almost tapping the door of creating natural GMT within the brain. Because of those doors got opened with Iowa SCA. It's it's a similar an, and that's where the kind of cool part of it is I don't need to do. I walk again one time. No. This weekend. Did it once but the plant as weird as it is? But if you done I'll ask it's not weird the plant of very clearly said, thanks for coming, basically. And you never need to take again..

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