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Hit number three thousand well i was there came off john matlock against the mets as a double left center field and the irony is right before he at the double for three thousand hit a high chopper in the infield and there was the infielder bobbled the ball committee beat the play out and they scored it the near and clementi was pretty upset about that but then later on obviously got the base hit in the irony of the whole thing is that would be the last at bat during the regular season that you'd ever get tell me about roberto clementi and what kind of ball player he was you're just a young guy in the pirates then well he is very much a leader of the ball club both he and willie stocks at the time and he was a a very caring guy in a great teammates he was very conscious of of the sharing capacities particularly in the postseason after won the world series of seventy one a lot of companies wanted him to a door products as an individual and he said no i wouldn't do it unless you endorse the whole team so something you don't see very often but certainly was the leader a just a tremendous baseball player and that day he gets number three thousand as you say radically his last hit ever what was it that made him such a good hitter because i remember him stepping out in stepping away hand i i mean he was excellent hitter he did a lot of things that appear to be fundamentally wrong but obviously they were fundamentally right he there was a lot of movement he did a lot of things it'd be considered unorthodox but his his body got out he kind of be what could be from become a front foot hitter he caught the ball back real late that allowed him to drive the ball to the opposite field with power but is this body lowerhalf got out front he.

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