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To inspire inform and connect the community of entrepreneurs have got a special guest in the house, Billie Jean up. He's CEO and founder of Billie Jean is marketing, inC, it's show within the man. Thank you for having me. So break it down. What are you guys? Do something. So I'm the marketing guy that marketers call when they need help marketing. So like outside of that. We just help businesses find customers, and we do it using social media. So Facebook YouTube Instagram all that stuff. They don't teach you in school. That's what we do. So like, Tony always says when the president, or when you know of a country year when this person or this celebrity or this billionaire needs help they call Tony when marketers need help they call you exactly a pencil like if you had to summarize it like customer acquisition periods. It is. Usually, the number one reason why most businesses suppose, they just don't have enough quality customers, and they have no idea how to attract clan. You guys come up with some of the craziest videos out there. That's disruptive. It's different. It's unique. I told some of the guys are gonna have to cut some bureau shots into your guys. Crazy. But those are fire. I wanna know how you got. In this space, though, give me a little back on on your store even comment on that with the videos like I strongly believe especially with everything going digital. And social you have to entertain before you can educate or execute. You guys do make incredible videos. I almost like some of your videos, you you act and you play the scripts in the role. I'm always hearing the accent come out on. So you guys make amazing videos. You definitely have to entertain before you can get anything. That's important. Give us a little background though. You know, how did you become the market that you are today because I want people to have some context you. Where'd you get your education the question? So parents they both grew up on welfare. But luckily, they kind of came up and provided me with a good life. So I had this balance of growing up in a family with a lot of people on welfare and everything else that you can imagine that comes with that. And then go into private Catholic schools might entire life. And so I used to see some of the most successful people in the world that were my friends, and then I see the poorest people in the world, and I was like holy cow. What's the difference between these two people, and it always came to the same answer was information and mentors? And so when I started in business through I didn't have anything like I just tried to figure it out, and I kept failing and failing and failing. And honestly, I just started like reading, and it's crazy because like, I know a lot of people if you're like me like you can't stand the idea of reading. But when I started to love it and be obsessed with it was when I started to read. To solve problems. I was facing in my life. And then I figured out that books are like codes, delight. Yeah, they really are that whenever I came into a struggle like, I just read something. So anyway, I started my first visits with mobile oil change company, relevant when I realized how hard it was to find customers that was like home. What do I do? So I did groupon. When that I dropped, and I tried all these other things and Finally I came into like social media marketing like Facebook, and I made like five bucks on online, adding blew my mind. I got obsessed from there. Okay. And ultimately, how did you shift into the position that you're in now because I'm a resume coach and consultant myself, you kind of go with the the old adage, right? There's always somebody behind you. There's always somebody that you're a little bit ahead of. And if you can learn how to position yourself to charge money for that advice out get them to the next level. And then you kind of learn, and then you get to the next level. And then maybe you start teaching people how to do it. You did to what was that? Evolution for you to become the guy that other marketers now go to to get their education. Gotcha. I would say in short that a lot of people kind of. Tell her. I'm a big fan of demonstrating you mentioned my videos, and so what happened is as I started to fall in love with marketing Facebook dad's company started asking me like, hey, can you do this for me? I had no idea what I was doing. I was just go and just make up stuff and try and figure it out. But as I started to get results. The biggest thing that I did is I would record them because here I wasn't. I had these limiting beliefs. But I was this twenty three year old black kid, and that nobody would take me seriously who had a real money, etc. So when I came to the table, I was so insecure about that that I said I'm gonna come with so much frigging proof that they're going to have to wanna work with me. So I took a camera and ordered on Amazon. I think I started with my cellphone, and I record it every single advertising campaign that ever created. And when I would go to companies and say, hey, you should work instead of telling them I'd be like, what's this video? Tell me what's interesting, and then I took a video and I put it online to a face began. The next day may ten grand in one day. Well, I was living at my mom's house at the time soldiers CEO and founder of Billie Jean is marketing, inC, Billie Jean is in the house. This is Business Rockstars, I'm Mark lack and we're here to inspire inform and connect a community of entrepreneurs. And my question is you like me both don't really like I could say the word hate the formal education system, especially for how they teach marketing. I graduated and spent my money to go to marketing. The Dow right here, man, let's talk about that. Why by if I can I be kinda completely wrote be completed real I generally believe the edge of the traditional education, especially a marketing degree specifically. Honestly, the biggest legal scam in the world. And let me explain why. So right now, and you talked to business owners every single day probably noticed by than anybody. If someone's going to start a company, and they need hustlers, which it's the bud force of any business. Everybody's customers. Where are they going to go to rush? And I'm going to add to that real quick because there's nowhere that they go eighty percent of chiropractic after ten years in business stopping a chiropractor because whether you're an attorney. A chiropractor a dentist a doctor. They never teach you in business school how to generate leads because you didn't go to school for that is crazy. In addition to that everyone who I talked to coaching zone as they say. All right. I know I need to use social media. So when people try to find customers the post on Facebook, they'll make YouTube videos and just trying to wing it. Here's the messed up part. Everybody who's running a business knows they need to find customers in social media. Now, any marketing school in the freaking planet who teaches you how to do that. None. No back and speak at colleges. Still. No, you do as well. And I'm like and the people that raise their hand. Like, why don't they teach this in the classroom, and I looked right at the professor crazy. But think about this education the price of education, they're still going up. So tell me how this makes sense you're charging the most amount of money out of every body. But you're not teaching them. The only things that matter today period. And then in addition to that, you're telling people to borrow money to give you money, and then pay interest on that money for the next thirty years, and it can't even get jobs, then they can't get a job. I agree. They end up doing something completely different. That is literally the scariest thing is a scam. I don't know what else you. It's a scam. All your cameras. I I'm going to be the guy like nobody wants to say, man. But like I put my money into a scam. But I knew it was a scam. But my parents were like we're blessed that we can afford to pay for the scandal or you, and I was like they didn't wear that way. Nelson this right? So you take someone like my mom, and she was a probation officer for thirty years in so for her being employed by the city of the state. She literally could not make more money unless she had a college degree. So you take someone like my mother who on welfare one of thirteen kids all she knows? Is that college is the key to get you ahead in. So here she is talking to me, and she's like go to college go to college, go to Costco. That was the one thing that held her back. And so now, you have this generation believing in a system that's completely failing the new generation, and it doesn't work, man. And that's what I was talking about earlier is the difference between I think like kids who do well in don't is mentors. What you see what they know to be true, right? This to be true. Other people's parents are like this is crazy. What are you doing? So. But what I love about. What I what I love about. You is that you don't just go on a tangent in Iran. Like, I do as well about the differences in so many other people will complain about it, you're creating the solution. Thank you for recognising. What is there? What what are you guys doing? So first of all let me interject on that. I am. So sick of all the life coaches in relational people fastest growing industry in the gab. They're getting people. So all you need to do is just one card in like leaving is shut up. Of course, you have to do give somebody a play by play. That is literally the purpose of my entire of the recipe. But how can I follow something like the genius plan essentially get results? So my name is Billy James I like the genus process in it's like the seven steps to help people find customers. I don't care what business you're in period in. So what I've create. Gated. Actually, let me make this even simple instead of going into like some huge thinking audience something do it if they just go to copy our ads dot com. I have a flash drive. I think my best performing Facebook Instagram, and you too bad. I have trainings on there. I'm gonna send it to you for free. They can pay the shipping don't be cheap. And I'll send.

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