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Tonight. 12 noon Good afternoon to you and Tina Gal. And here's what's happening. A rally getting underway and mold in this hour against a violent attack. The U. S Capitol this week. WBZ Suzanne Sauce Ville joins us now live with the latest. Hi, Suzanne. Hi, Tina. A group called our Revolution. Maldon organized this rally outside City Hall against what? They're calling the attempted coup at the Capitol. They're just setting up now. But police Chief Kevin Moelis tells me he expects a peaceful crowd. I would think maybe 50 or so, but I'm hoping But in the spirit of freedom that people choose to come choose toe. Listen, choose to learn, choose to be engaged. And understand that viewpoints expressed for people to digest. To assess and to respect About a couple dozen people here now, But there are several Mauldin police officers and bomb sniffing dogs. The police tell me that's perfectly normal for any kind of rally or protest in Maldon. At Maldon City Hall. Suzanne Saz Ville WBZ Boston's news radio. More and more lawmakers are now calling for President Trump to be removed from office following Wednesday's violent attack at the U. S. Capitol. Some House Democrats are said to introduce articles of impeachment tomorrow. One of the authors is Rhode Island, Congressman David says Cellini. Let's find out more from CBS is Tom Photo at Tom Hansen spoke to Leslie Stall for this Sunday's 60 minutes. Well, sadly, the person's running executive branch It is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous president of the United States. The draft article of impeachment incitement of insurrection, alleges President Trump's conduct on Wednesday gravely endangered the security of the United States. Again. There was CBS of Tom Hansen reporting. Meanwhile, Mr Trump will be the first president to be impeached twice. Maura arrests made in connection with a violent assault on the U. S Capital on Wednesday. CBS is Catherine Herridge. Reports on the investigation on explosive devices found nearby, Two viable 12 inch metal pipe bombs found Wednesday at the Democratic and Republican National Committee headquarters near the capital are described by law enforcement as taking their probe to the next level. The pipe bomb was designed to kill her main Scott sweet toe is a former A TF and FBI explosives expert, particularly It's made out of metal, which is what the construction appears to be with these two devices. Ah law enforcement analysis reviewed by CBS shows both devices used mechanical timers and contained unknown powder. And so far, prosecutors have filed more than a dozen cases in federal District Court and dozens more in the D. C. Superior Court, Mayor Marty Walsh said to make his last state of the city address, more details coming up for you in just about two minutes. Right here on WBC news radio back to the roads and highways Right now it is 12 03 traffic and weather together, starting with a Subaru. Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. What do you see David? See some brake lights west of the city. Tina 3 95 North on hits the brakes after Sutton Knave Exit four Ah! Crash before Depot Road has had only the breakdown waiting on Lee The breakdown lane getting by close to 10 minutes to get through that back up, but the road's just been reopened. So we expect that to begin to flush right out crash being cleared from the left lane of route to westbound as well at route 1 90 that should be letting loose is well and it crashed being checked on the pike West bound by the Westboro Service Plaza. Eastbound on the pike. There's a vehicle with two flat tires after Route. 1 22 south of the city of Vehicle blew out a tire or two on 24 north after route 1 23 in Brockton, a tap on the brakes getting by that beyond that, though, on the lower end of 93, that's fine. It's okay to and from the expressway Expressway in great shape, and everything around downtown looks.

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