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Astley. So Austin Elmore. My producer tells me because I'm always curious about what he's doing. Besides producing the show. He's a multi talented guy, a multi tasker. He could do many different things. At one time he could do sports. He can produce the show and also pay attention to the show. It's very important for producers to do this, just in case I suddenly go off the rails. Like that's gonna happen. Good. Uh, but he also is busy on his phone. Just like the rest of You. Generation. Whatever you millennials, are you a millennial? Yes. Technical. Okay, Millennial, please on his phone, looking down with his headphones on paying attention the show to make sure the old man Across from him doesn't go berserk, and he's got to make more new plans. Between now and nine o'clock. He's on his phone, and I just I said, I'm curious. Maybe you could call it nosy. But what are you doing? On your phone, he said. Ah, pleasure of things. Because again multitalented multi tasker kind of guy. So what are you doing right now? I'm on instagram. What's on Instagram, he said. I'm reading a post by Cameron saying that he's gonna Unfollowed people. Said. It may be personal. It may not Number one. I don't know. Cameron and number two. I don't want to know camera I don't care about because apparently, Cameron is following lost in which I don't think so bad thing, but I really don't care. Social media is stuffed with all kinds of things that are not important at all. Except to the person who's posting them. You want to talk about narrow casting. In social media is the reason That over Bo Tox Kardashians are multi millionaires. Not important to me. And who Cameron follows. And who doesn't? He doesn't follow. Not important, but apparently it was important enough for Austin to take time out of doing whatever he's supposed to be doing when he's paid to do tow Watch Cameron's instagram. Did you ever find out? Did you find anything more about Cameron Austin that you can share? No, I I apparently he's just going through something. Why? Why do you feel the need though? To post that you're going to unfollowed people? Why don't you just unfollowed people? What you gonna tell your father? I don't know why you waste time with any of this crap time now for the Tom Davis Diaries I refer to as the Man. Good morning, Tommy. Maybe he was washing the my pillow documentary that came out.

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