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Dot Com all right. Let's pick it back up with Matt and the second part of his interview well radio. Thanks so much joining us today. I feel like we could go for an awful long time talking today to our guest today outshooting and he is the C._e._o.. Of warfronts he has run many companies he was the president of Alachua leading through the acquisition by Oracle he has been on the board of numerous companies and is now <hes> not Zeo from also the author author of the new book done right before the Break Asher hockey does exercise workflow and there's so many great servants holes in here. I feel like even if people don't take the entire tool kit and workflow. There's components that are really really important. One of the very end workflow you call the done right value pyramid. Can you talk a little bit about what that is and how people put that into practice where we actually do at the very end is is each chapter is a building block basically in terms terms of building a work plan that allows you to be to be successful in executing work and so starting from the very beginning of are you able to explain to people why you're doing the tasks..

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