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Police can attack of Swick. Didn't work out didn't work and I forgot the desperation with which people will watch these sports games to avoid. Yeah it's UNBELIE. NBA It's it's so there's something so sad about it and then everybody makes small talk around that thing and and it's just as desperate need to not. We're just uncomfortable around each other. I was GonNa say you guys a little awkward or I I tweet. I made an instagram. That was very popular. which is that shot of the when they killed Bin Laden the Obama and Hillary and everybody looking only yes us know how everyone looks at the at the Detroit lions game and it was very popular because people are are? Don't know what the fuck to say to each other and would be. Here's my question pens. Here's my question. Would you hang out with your family. If you're if it didn't make your mom and dad feel good. Yeah I'm closing my family. Though so I like King my family. We all went out and danced. See that's very first. Words Very Caribbean and we we scowl scowl at each other. We went out and scowled or yet I don't I my why you I know each other. That's just your brother Tommy. Joey yeah no I know the other thing is my family's pretty crazy like they someone's always always said something where you're like. Can you give me quote him. Said I don't WANNA I don't WanNa fuck with people but it's crazy it's crazy Raziq. Does someone say something. Everyone else's like Asian. Where you're like what? How are you still like this? You're still bill like this again. I'm sure they think the same thing about me but you also one thing about my family you do have to really get to know. Hello everyone as an adult in the agreed. You don't always have you're not always and you don't always end up having the same opinion about them. You know we do you do Scuba Eh. But I don't agree with it either. I'm kidding I don't agree with it but at the same time I'm a bit. Yeah it was I. I wonder what the viewers would what the listeners are thinking right now like if you're because mostly I feel like people do it for mom mom's getting up there thank It's what we do now. We as a tradition created by your parents so if it weren't for them endorsing forcing it and and and making it putting all the putting everything in place to coordinate it would would you do it..

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