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What you're hearing is a nineteen ninety ad for serving gas stations and because irving means people and people means Irving. Let's get back to the people at the heart of this story specifically a father and son as we told you earlier Arthur Irving had been writing irving oil since the nineteen seventies seventies curious again in that CBC documentary talking about Irving Oil's market share in New Brunswick Arthur Irving runs irving oil elbow initially initially he wanted his son Kenneth do all the talking for the company for the purposes of this project. You couldn't resist telling off a reporter who suggested to him. The urban markets is inside. The maritimes might be a little big bag with when you're talking about the thing. Is that market share Michael Chair you know the thing is if you have ten percent of the market down here in the office and what happened to you you go broke that means you're good to nobody and Kenneth. Arthur Arthur son was his chosen successor. Arthur candidates relationship had always been close but contentious. Here's Kenneth Irving looking back in a video that he produced Houston 2017 my dad and I had a complicated relationship a really intense relationship there was a lot of very good things in my relationship with my dad things that I still memories that I still hold very dear. You know we went on many canoe trips together. He was my best man at my my wedding Arthur appointed his son Kenneth to be CEO of Irving oil in two thousand and Kenneth Relish the chance to build on his family's legacy you know to be in Irving oil was was very special because it was my grandfather's company he when he started his out on his his own when he built his first company he moved away from home and moved to Saint John Away from to and you know he started Irving oil painting twenty four th in in I was in his company I was you know I was going to work in going into what once was once his office you know and it it was more than just running a business for me. It was the responsibility felt more important than that. I felt I had a responsibility to the community a d. I felt a responsibility to the people that I worked with. It was incredible. How was I going to match that while he was in charge irving oil thrived between two thousand and two thousand eight the value of the company quadrupled by some estimates but well Kenneth was respected within the company company? There's one man who couldn't seem to please his father. Arthur Arthur has always been hard man when he divorced his first wife Life Joan carlile she discovered almost everything their home belong to irving oil significantly reducing the property that she was entitled to and after the divorce the children children including Kenneth stayed with Arthur and rarely had the chance to even speak with their mother well Kenneth C over Oil Arthur still chair of the board a source within the company told the Global Mail that quote. I've never seen anything like it in a corporate setting. He didn't hide his disdain for the path. We were on in two thousand eight. The great recession struck and the price of oil collapsed irving oil was now in hard times and Arthur's. I returned to awards his son. Kenneth Kenneth was harboring a secret from his father. Since his twenties Kenneth suffered from depression. It was something he hadn't shared with almost anyone especially not as father as the business faltered Kenneth felt that he was failing his dad and I really felt that I had let my father down on my my family down. I felt I felt terrible about myself. I hated myself a loathed myself. I couldn't couldn't stand being in my skin. He became obsessed with making his father happy something he couldn't seem to do but as as I grew older and became more recognized for for certain things it didn't it didn't it didn't bring happiness to my dad and I became very overly consumed by wanting him to feel good about the achievements for success that I was having and and and I was having the opposite effect and that was that was really hard for me to to to process and I should warn you that things from here on out are about to get quite dark and may not be suitable for all listeners while he was trying to steer the company through tough economic times and deal with his father questioning his every decision Kenneth began to hurt himself a lot of people turn to drugs or alcohol alcohol or and I I ended up getting involved with self harm that hurting myself created a pain that would distract me from the intense feelings. I was having a full-time and it's even really strange for me to tell you because I never thought I'd be that guy. Kenneth would stare at himself in the mirror plagued with self loathing and then he'd raised his fist in punch himself in the face repeatedly until the flesh around his eye was blackened. It was hard for me when I looked at the mirror in the morning to to accept myself to see the state that my my face had become a hard myself and my daughters were looking at my face face. I still think of it now and I still feel like I was letting them down not note from the outside. It looked like he had everything but Kenneth was suffering. Immensely.

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