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Talk eight fifty wf tld. South florida morning. Show this bill and is it. Is it to petty of us to make fun of jen. Psaki weekend club. Of course not. This is a big one though was funny staging mean this kinda stuck in there. She called it. The plan democ idea like that to cover a range of topics of mutual interest. Everything from Cove nineteen and Our efforts to address the global pandemic to regional to address the global endemic. Nobody's letting her know it's come on. If you don't think there's a plan somewhere along the line to keep hushed up and messed up for the rest of your life it you know when i have young people ask me What's the next variant. And how long are we going to go on for. It makes you wonder doesn't it. Oh we're on new now but the next one you know they'll go on various it's gonna stop. They really know what. Stop with any virus. It's how we how we address it. It's it's they're already talking about california shutting things down again. I'm like oh good luck with that when people good luck in the meantime kind of a bombshell story broke this morning about a half hour ago from publication called the intercept the intercept dot com. Yep the gist of the article. Newly released documents provide details of us. Funded research of that would mean approved by fauci. Right on corona viruses at the wuhan institute of variety The intercept again no obtain more than nine hundred pages of documents detailing work of echo health alliance at the chinese lab. Oh a couple of different things here. This is that gain of function research right but if they can prove this prove did happen and we did research this stuff and the second thing was fauci lied. He lied to rand. Paul relied to the senate. He lied to all of congress that he wasn't involved in this. Yeah that he said the money that we were given had nothing to do with covert nineteen. Well this may be a huge developing story for him. He may be in some real trouble. If they can prove that we funded the research that made this virus go from animal to a person in a lab and they released it and if we had that.

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