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And other supporters chanting America is the great Satan as they marched in a funeral procession in Baghdad for Iran's top general killed in a U. S. air strike CBS news update tens of thousands joined the funeral procession in Baghdad to mourn Qassem Soleimani the Iranian military commander killed in US airstrike CBS's Iain Lee reports on what else the crowd was doing people chanting down with United States said down with Israel as well and and that anger is just festering in bags at right now president trump defended his decision to launch the air strike while speaking to a crowd of evangelicals in Florida last night we took action last night to stop a war we did not take action just start a war CBS is Pam Falk on Iran's bid for a U. N. condemnation the U. N. is likely to debate the issue with no official condemnation expected in a debate this Thursday with the possibility of Iran's foreign minister Javad Siri participating that is if the U. S. grants some of these CBS news update and wanted to live there today protests held in and around Boston related to the U. S. strike WBZ sherry small attended one wall bowl the group Walpole peace and justice rallied on the wall full common holding signs protesting the killing of Iran stop general is just one of several protests by various groups going on in and around Boston Sally rose condemns the attack both bush and Obama had the chance to take him out too and.

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