CNN, Senator Warren, President Trump discussed on Morning Show with Sean and Frank


Forty trillion dollars over ten years the answer is a non profit public option to debate here into more you'd also want you pine by Iran and North Korea over the question of who's better prepared to keep us safe at absent preconditions I would not meet with the coat supreme leader who said Joe Biden is a rabid dog you should be beaten to death with a stick hi contel other than that you want other than that I like and Joe Biden calling his vote for the Iraq war a mistake and blasted president trump's military action while defending the Obama administration on military action that also lacked congressional approval Willie Ron become a nuclear power all six you're saying no but through negotiations and diplomacy on trade Bernie Sanders saying that he's voting against the trade deal with Mexico and Canada because it lacks environmental protections and follow with a cold hand shake at the start of the debate it took forty five minutes to ask the question I do want to be clear here your saying that you never told senator Warren that a woman could not win the election that is correct senator Warren what did you think when senator Sanders Sanders told you a woman could not win the election I disagreed on impeachment Elizabeth Warren tells CNN she's ready to head back to Washington on climate change people Richards calling it a crisis centers continues to push the green new deal and Tom Starfire also telling CNN I would declare a state of emergency on day one on climate Steiner became a billionaire on coal oil and gas this is a long awaited day at the White House a trade deal with China now two years in the making and ready for signing though it's only phase one we've never done.

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