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Exactly. All right JOE IF PEOPLE WANNA get in touch with you and ask you about your shortcuts and the and all that good stuff. Where can they get in touch with you? They can find me on twitter at J. Keller eight seven. That's J. k. e. l. l., E. R.. Seven animal is written in more. Joe will be doing lots of stuff about Betas so keep an eye out for that stuff. If you have any questions about how to use a bay that had a down Beta. Had a protect what you already have before you install Obata. We've got all that stuff on I Mar N Georgia. If people want to ask you some questions about their anxiety about the Betas, and it's going to change their lives, you can again. Kim Shutting Dash Videos Dot. com jumped the gun. There on twitter. A manager gender scored Dour. You can send me an email. Georgia at West now, therapy DOT COM. Excellent, and if you WANNA get in touch with me and rail about how I don't know what I'm talking about. You can go somewhere else because i. don't hear it. What if you WanNa talk to me about? How do rumors to? Then you can find me on twitter at Apple Hollick. That's eight P, P. A. H.. L. I k., and you can find me at Laura Gill and most of the other social things, and of course always writing on I'm more so Go ahead and jump on over to dot com to see what Joe and I are always doing. We're all covering all the Betas stuff right now, so we'll have all the information that you. and. Yes and you can tweet me as message, because yeah, I Ache Them I. Love It. And you have a great rest of your week. Rest of your weekend analysts you. Because, this has been the show..

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