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To Live Science? A group of Ravens is called an unkindness or conspiracy, which seems fitting, since Ravens are traditionally considered creepy. In fact, seeing many of them in one place can induce hitchcock Ian the birds like flashbacks in even the least Orna phobic. `Wow. Words. A lot of big words will thank you, Google. But. of an kindness, yeah, but conspiracy does make more sense so justin. You hit the nail on the head and thank you for bringing that particular thing to our attention. Meantime tried taking pictures of Blu Ray or something. And Not so many ravens hopefully Jay's. Or I meant like baseball team players. That's what I meant, right? INTO TOMORROW DOT COM, are they baseball? Blue Blu Ray. is raise high definition video format. That still around. Okay well, that's what I meant. Yes, take a picture of of your. Disks Louvre disc. And then Google that and see what a group of Blu ray discs are called. Money. A waste of money. or extinct. Maybe, that would also be an unkindness conspiracy. All the way into tomorrow. Do you owe ten thousand dollars or.

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