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If somebody leaves apple pie baking on window seal, and they go to church and they come back, and I ate that apple pie. My ass. Idyllic little story for a metaphor for fucking child molester. Is more. So that I'm fat bitch. Okay. Okay. I like have a lot of power now. When I was growing up one of my it's a weird. I don't want to say, I don't know if I could call it a fetish per se, but I used if we yes, I used to fantasize about pies on window sills all the time. Like that was my thing. But I think also when I was a kid. There was always some story that lady was baking pies constantly thinking about what is that a blueberry pie? 'cause I hate blueberries boo berry by that blueberry pie or is that apple pie, you know, like that. So I I do kind of go to that. And then they had a great scene in life the movie remember when? First of all, I don't know why they had that they prison so close to survive held, right? She lived there for you gotta be if you're you're you're next door to a prison. That's your neighbor. He went over there ate that pie. He dodging bullets to get that pry, he ate the shit out of that. And I felt like my life had been fulfilled, my childhood life had been fulfilled that moment, I was able to grow up and become a woman because I wanted to eat that fucking by two. But I think you know, what happens is I think we've become a culture right of people black white and everything in between all religious of sexual preferences, everything between people human beings. I think we have come to a point in our in our space where it's one thing or the other right? So people are so one I this is where I stand, and this is my opinion. And I don't wanna hear anything you saying everything you saying if it doesn't line, you know, exactly what I'm saying thinking. Is asinine and separates people. Because I do understand the conversation of saying to women be careful. There's nothing wrong in my opinion. Saying to women be careful, but I don't think they're saying. I think they said is that's what you get different. I think because the Carroll is free Antef, right? I think because some I think because the loudest voice of that of women shouldn't be doing this. And what about that? And why did this happen is so loud and forceful that this is why it happened because she did this because the parents allowed this or whatever that you don't hear the undertone of other voices. I I'll give an example. And I'm told you this before and I've said this on the park before I went on Keith nigger Earl two and a half years ago. I think it'd be about twenty three years ago. Shut the Keith. Girl. I love the podcast can't wait to come. Back him Keith all of them, but I got into some him hall there. Because you know, they told a story about a woman who decided she was going to rehabilitate a guy that she met in a chat room and brought the gods at her home and the guy raped her. And my first the first thing in my mouth was thank God. He didn't kill her. And then it became a series of. I'm victim blaming and I never at once said that that guy was not COPA bowl and responsible for what he did. That's that's out the question. But also, I would charge a woman even now. Don't bring a man into your home. You don't know like that? That's a fucking drug addicts and this and that because that could happen. And once that happens. There's no more debate on what you should have should not do. Because now your life has been affected. Right. Very negatively. So. But that's putting up. No boundaries boundaries in cautions. But the problematic to me in these situations when we're talking about young women for one they don't have the experience of knowing that things like our Kelly can happen to them. So they going in wide eyed. In Bush's tailed about simply wanting to either be around seventy which is fine and normal or to have someone of a celebrity status to help them in their careers. I think a note that you said bushy tailed just so we all know, I'm not the only one living Allison wonderland Bush's..

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