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Was going to be a major test of our grid, and we're used Tohno of electricity demand in the summer. Obviously it gets very hot here, but we're not quite used tol having this happen in the winter, especially when the entire state of Texas is in the water. For morning, then calm pounding that is a crunch on the supply side. The infrastructure that we have is just not equipped to deal with these temperatures figure seeing oil and gas production about million barrels a day taken off the market when turbines are frozen. This is just not a good situation here in Texas. Thank you, Rachel. And as the temperatures fall, we see oil rise. In fact, Brent crude is trading near a 13 month high. We continue our team coverage with more from Bloomberg, executive editor for Commodities Will Kennedy. The quality is that it's very hard to operate well that temperatures well below zero, and they end up freezing up on operating in the oil and also it's very hard to move trucks around each and Thies temperatures, so it's hard to supply the wells and in some cases, get the oil out of the world. Some estimates say that in the short term, it could pass it several 101,000 production, which is fairly significant, then checking prices now, Brents little change, down four cents to $63.26 a barrel. West Texas Intermediate crude is up 7/10 percent of 43 cents. $59.90 temperatures have been dramatic in places that really aren't used to a deep freeze for the latest returned to Bloomberg meteorologist Rob Caroline Rob Karen, the peace the polar Four tax that was producing sub zero temperatures from Montana to the Dakotas in minute. So the last week spent the weekend sinking southward through the central United States. It's brought bitter cold now to the entire century. United States. Temperatures are below zero this morning around the Amarillo, Texas to near zero in the Dallas area to around 20 in Houston and 25 in the Brownsville area. It's cold Air mass will continue slowly modify, but it's going to keep the century United States very chilly this week. In addition, we have a storm track that's causing snow, sleet and freezing rain from upstate New York through New England this morning, Another storm is going to develop producing snow, sleet, freezing rain north reading to the northeastern United States that storm of the impacting areas from Tuesday night through Thursday. I'm Rob Caroline Bloomberg Daybreak. Thanks, Rob. The crisis isn't just crippling Texas and the Great Plains. Now the extreme cold is threatening problems in the West. And Baxter has more from our Bloomberg 9 60 newsroom in San Francisco major concern for Texas, of course, but also that it could threaten blackouts. Elsewhere. For example, California's.

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