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We Ms tries to get drew mcintyre pistou for wwe management for putting him in the elimination chamber edge tells them to shut up and mcintyre headbutts him in the face after mcintyre injures ms. Mississippi's pull himself out of the elimination chamber match. Says he doesn't need it to be. Wwe champion which makes sense. I even said it white house ms in the elimination chamber. When he's money in the bank Which is open spot and Ms is vouching for that. Open spot to go to john. Morrison and then within kofi kingston wants to be an elimination chamber match. Later on raw we kofi kingston versus john morrison which is a two thousand and nine match that i will always enjoy and the winner of that match would have the open. Spot will review that later after that segment. We had the her business whereas his matt riddle in lucia house party. I didn't care about this match. Much It was the riddle and lucia house party. Win after the match bobby lashley attacks and beats riddle And then he proceeds in the luck again if they're kind of doing what they did with. Lana how every week getting there getting the same move onto them I guess they're i guess. This is the show that riddle you know is the underdog in the story a Keith lee isn't here this week Because he i. I don't know why this week you know. I was not there this week Probably the covert protocol again But yeah so keith. He was not there this week. So it was basically a story between Bobby and riddle After that we had bad bunny. Dana priest Sorry they do later on Basically everyone in the back is making a case to to be it open spot. But like i said they choose the winner between morrison and kingston Lee evans pain words and ric flair. Come out to cut a promo charlotte oscar. Lee says i listen to your daddy. Sweet words knowledge really taking it all in yikes Basically they're trying to save their sleeping on oscar short. Ask come out and defend them. It's evans in pain. Roy's versus charlotte and oscar royce wrestle. Most of the match. I didn't care Who won that. I don't even have that my notes legend best part about it is to find out that that lacey evans is actually pregnant. Lucy evans announces that. She's tired that it's rigs baby. No but once again. Victor sound quality you can sell But the other thing is Is my convention. Vince does not like fi women's wrestling. He doesn't like it because they don't trust them because they can be you can get pregnant at any time kills any storyline. You can't tell a woman. don't fuck your husband. Oh you can't fuck anybody because if you're yeah so you got you gotta you gotta learn how to to change the angle on the fly so That is why he's probably was real pissed off about this ship. Yes achievement insufficiently pregnant and teams Paint royce will be getting a small slight push In her place. I think it should be taya valkyrie. But i digress Taibbi charlotte would be a pretty good project there. After that we have kofi kingston versus john morrison kofi kingston wins. It was a pretty good match. i really you know them to their vets. They've been wrestling each other since two thousand and six okay so Kofi kingston puts himself in elimination chamber. Now people are saying that ali is going to Injured kofi case to take his spot. Remember how kofi took a spot right there singer leaders the same to kofi this time around. You think sounds like sounds also a little bit. I think the the better build up. We'll be That kofi does a win or ill. He gets injured. Because of of of ali and he gets limited i and it builds up their storyline to wrestlemainia. Something there something there after we gotta work an injury before the match and then once he gets it through maj. She's fucking easily mitochondrial after that. When you cut a promo about how he's gonna win the gauntlet match That's the main event We have alexa doing a satanic ritual. Was that about. I quitted though right my shop of fuck honestly name should change to like Trump can't to mook Can you tell me where alexa bliss stalkers right. He's he's everywhere. Question straight down. He needs to be and he'd be arrested him and Whoever is associated with him should as crate. Alexa says earth to earth at to ashes dust to dust. She says in fire he was destroyed. But in the future he will be reborn. I think the fiend comes back with like some burnt fucking. Cain mask fien comes after that. That's why i'm saying. Fiend vs randy wrestlemanias. The story they're building up to. That's what i'm saying. That's why i'm telling you think's gonna rant roaming. 'cause they tease the spirits begun smackdown and now she basically teasing the drew face. Drew faces could see. That's the problem people people that's all no one knows. Only what no one knows but people are saying that the lights are gonna come off in the chamber and the feed is gonna be in the chamber and eliminate randy that i will be like a triple threat match to where fucking awesome edge versus fucking Randy stupid ship. He's going to be my name. Is roy morning league. Roy needs it more than anything. But i did like the The subtle Whisper in our edge ear on smackdown wounds while later where We don't know what that was about. So.

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