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This week's episode of little goldman is brought to you by zola to sign up with zola and receive a fifty dollar credit towards your registry go to seoul a dot com slash gold men that's z o l a dot com slash gold men for a fifty dollar credit towards your registry and little gold man is brought to you by triple visor no better a book better go better visit trip adviser dot com slash goldman and use code trip tend to save ten percent on tours and activities hello and welcome to little gold men the awards isn't podcast from vanity fair and panoply i'm katie rich the deputy editor of vanity fair dot com and i'm here to introduce the special holiday episode of the show with our phone critic richard lawson low and our senior writer to enter ahmanson so this week it's a the week of christmas as you listen to this and we're gonna be sharing chew interviews that richard has done in recent weeks richard i can't come up with a clever way to say how leslie man volen jamie bell or related but you just met with both of them so at tell me what they have in common while have a tradition every year is liked his attor the in the yard like to sit down with british people and just talked to them so the invaluable insecure about your education or accident put on those little paper christmas crowns at you always see in british movies about christmas and we just we you know we do little crackers and all that stuff so so that's what we did not in the same to at the same time unfortunately but yeah we had leslie man villa to talk about phantom thread which is wonderful in and jimmy bell is terrific in film stars don't die in liverpool which is a movie with an app ending that has been a little overlook this season but i think it's definitely worth seeing and talk.

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