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In show history. We were in. Milwaukee brewers game and took part in the sausage races. They're mclovin ended up winning. Todd finished the f. L. in fact. Even the broadcasters for the brewers said this is embarrassing. But you did finish. I was past that. But i had to be the worst last place. Finish in the history of the subsidaries. I can't imagine anyone did that any slow. It was a lot of fun and we got some mileage out of that and they didn't ask us to come back so todd throughout the first pitch and and i said you have to go out there with no sleeves on show the guns and you had to go pro on a medium white under armour shirt that i should know business wearing that size just showing up way too much. Waste yummy your man candy. I mean that's what we we're you know we're put and if my arch sneakers what the ladies wanted to say they want. They're used to be a baseball player. Ted kluszewski played for the cincinnati reds. He had cut off sleeves. He had big guns and played for the cincinnati reds. Yeah they they allowed him to wear cut off season the game. Yeah he just had like a look like a vast vast gun show. Yeah it was the gun. Show absolutely should do that now. Guys love it. We had rex chapman on last hour. And i said hey. We got jim. Jackson coming on. And find larry goes yeah. I think jim put fifty me so. Jim was on the call for game. Seven between the hawks seventy sixers on sunday night and jim joins us now. Do you remember putting fifty up on rex. Chapman jim Not quite fifty. Maybe forty four. So so you remember exactly forty four. You know what. I don't i don't know if he was gretz might have been on that it was a. That's when they were the washington bullets. Okay we were and we played them actually was as ironic that. It's a night before into my ankle up when we went to jersey. But i think rex's on that washington team when that was down a little bit this a little bit. Was he guarding you. Evidently not now. Rick said he looked forward to facing vinny del negro. Because he knew he'd probably have a little easier night. Who did you. Who did you look forward to where you just went. Oh i got a circle on account I'll be honest with you man. It was during that time. I had the ball so much. It really didn't matter. Because i was always gonna have a ball now. I had. It was tough to guard at the time. The play against one of mitch richmond. Reggie miller michael was out of the league right when i got in because he retired Clyde drexler was it never was an easy night. I would say in the league at that time. Because dan even if you remember centers two guards and probably power forward your meat of your team so it was never a garden. Rex was hard because rex ran a lot of screens at chase them around the whole night. You know that was extremely difficult. How would your game be now. If you were playing is a great question. You know it'd be totally different alonzo mourning right good friend of mine. He said jimmy. Nope i played era. I would dominate. I would do. I said no. You wouldn't he's what you mean. I said because not that you could be alec..

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