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Mason foster who led the team in tackles last year the cowboys are expected to cut ties with the receiver Allen Hearns and Vikings corner holding hills been suspended again by the NFL in April he was banned four games for a PD violation another four games of intact on every violated the league's substance abuse policy I'm John Frank Jim Rome here big day Wednesday the jungle a conversation with UFC president Dana white and Bucks head coach Bruce Arians tomorrow at noon eastern and nine Pacific Colorado springs this is Dan Patrick catch me in the Dennis weekday morning seven to ten on extra sports thirteen hundred he will later and he's later the program writer then you sometimes the fan I love sports so much in your face I will destroy those obnoxiously arrogant clueless tone deaf superstars who were marginal players the players may critters who believe the hall of Famers he's nice zero bomb as he's home bowl usually pretty good on the show about a minute when I got it wrong live from Los Angeles years later final hour of the program today hanging out with the guys on the writers you heard of acts the executive producer the trace Reinecke the associate producer we are by.

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