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Somebody said they was fifty eight percent and his career starting against the spread. So that's something to keep in mind. I, I like to wash team. I, I would say coming into the season, the Washington is a seven win team at Annapolis I might have had is up. Maybe six and a half, seven win team. So the line of six is a little bit flooded in that regard. And that's because the way he played first week, I don't know if I'll get involved with this. If I, if I say that and I'll take into, I mean, that's we talk about playing numbers, not teams the these two teams are too close to be able to give a seven, so it does get to that point. That'll be the side but on. But other than that right now, I, I don't think anybody's playing with the line. I just thought they were getting ahead of it. They can that they were getting. They bought it early. They were getting the key number six, seven. If it gets to that area, a lot of guys early in the week, we'll just by position and decide what to do with it later on the week. That's probably what they did. We'll have to read the papers to see what these approaching the the game, how they're approaching the game. But I, I don't think the same thing set up in this one. I think it's just a combination of the way Indy played and in Washington was a little bit. Better, Washington look terrible in the pre season. So that was that position that had last week. They played a lot better than what a lot of people talk. So we'll we'll wait and see what happens. Well, of course, love to watch the storm track here for hurricane Florence. It seems like it's going to kind of hit the coastline and stop, so it probably won't go up towards Landover Maryland where the Redskins play. Maybe that was a little bit of the early week line move expecting this storm to kind of creep up the east coast. We know the colts don't have a running game. Injured luck threw the ball fifty three times last week. So you do three little bit worried about fatigue with him. Maybe that had something to do with it, sort of looking at Washington who ran the ball very effectively last week, the colts who can't. And if the weather was going to be a problem that would certainly benefit the Redskins a little bit in that situation. So that'll be a game definitely watch as we get a little bit closer to kick off your about getting to seventy three to seventy four, the Miami Dolphins up on the road at the Meadowlands to take on the New York Jets jets at. Three point favorite here number opened three and a half five times actually down to two and a half minus dollar thirty doing their usual teaser protection thing a little bit. There of this is an interesting one to me Brian, because we talk about perception. We talk about overreaction. The jets looked fantastic on Monday night football in front of everybody, and Miami's game was delayed by lightning. I think for four hours combine across the different delays that they had. This feels like a number. That was a little bit off to me at three and a half. Maybe at three, it's a little bit better. I think when you take a look at the look ahead down at the west gate, I think they might have had this Peckham the jets have played better than what many thought. But yeah, it's to me when I take a look at this, I think the lines a little bit high with the jets. You talked about him playing Monday night football, so they played a week or a day later and a night game and then had to travel, not a major travel coming from Detroit, but still it was a travel situation. Miami divisional rival knows the team very well had that extra time to prepare your catching three. Three and a half would have been an obvious take, and I think that's what most people did if it did three and a half because I'm saying nothing but two and a half high numbers and actually say to two and a half my fifteen, which is the lowest and then three on just wanna five, probably the highest, but you have to just look pretty good on that game. But you know..

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