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The excitement continues to bill with the eagles only at hour away from taking out of the minnesota vikings for the nfc championship in a trip to the super bowl fans are tailgating in partying and half the fight of this whole thing is listening to them and kristen joey ads on who's been out there all afternoon has done a superb job of finding some really colorful people and she's doubt how are you well i am just buying it is actually their color more people in philadelphia is wonderful to hear that ruined highfive each other i will tell you go if you are a viking ban you will not get a warm welcome people are putting them at every turn every time they feel biking bet i'm here with emi they're coming up or delaware it here for a little bit do tailgate so how is the day dan would you guys do it's been a great day or weather and there's a lot of green out here bought of green and white and tell me what would they need mike review the and he book like that uh regreat uh because they should be back to the super bowl from when donovan mcnabb was there there would mean a lot you personally nor would it yeah yeah it goes a silly needs a winner and we have not be nominee went to past so it's definitely not by uh right now everybody's packing up their grills at closing down there tailgate fears them he's getting onto a subway and and some people just starting to fill up this dan severing here is ready for kickoff worrying live in south philadelphia kristen johanson kyw newsradio thank you so much rubbers existed news time 535 well look gates over this morning and love of thirty people were there this morning as early as of two metres was out there a doctor before dawn at six and a half hours before the parking lots were set to open the tailgaters greg madsen was sitting in his car outside the link slava kozlov this morning the first one here rely closely bump pillow excited for it has gained a few hours later mark is from penns grove new jersey parked right behind him get up here second order lie got macos out gutless buys ready we got seventy five people come marcus mentioned cones he went to the parking lot and used orange coz to block of.

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