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News ninety three point you get a free high heart athlete yeah fifteen thirty on a man there who has a new album out yeah I heard you talking about and it's just it blows my mind rock and roll radio is just changed so much that you don't even hear it you don't hear it on it where's why isn't on the rock stations was not no program director you know the magic of being in for me growing up and in a certain time with radio is that one of the great things I always love listening to on rock and roll radio is when they would say a you know the disc jockey will come on he would say something like you know the D. backs sell a set of music in front of that we heard blah blah blah we started off that time was it I don't even know if they do that anymore yeah selfie times and they say everything that they've done I love that because as a teenager as a teenager I would sit there candle and market I would sit there and I would wait there could be a song in it how much what is that I really like that but I'm just learning about music right at the time so it well what was that so then I would backtrack in my mind I would think okay that was you know six songs go inside yeah then I would listen to the guy in the so it before that we know her Johnny winter hi we sixty one we visit or whatever you like Johnny winter you write down and you learn all that way but but so cool when they do that yeah I mean to even do that anymore yeah I actually they do do that still and what I also like is a lot of the stations what they do is they'll do that and then they'll say if you want to know more if you forgot what I said then go ahead and check our website will have the play illustrate their feet up to check it out good good but you will notice so that they don't talk a lot about the artist anymore and there's a reason for that a lot of the shows are voice tracked ahead of time yeah well sums yeah some of the stations do that as a son some some stations deny and if you mention eight you know something about led Zeppelin's past yeah and muskrat love played before that well that's exactly station right there make any sense us why we would never do that there are I no we're all worried or how to present live here we are one hundred percent live the end that's a shame because it is shocking that's what a DJ's job should be doing a back sale to tell you about the artist little bit mean if there's a little tidbit not just about every every single artist maybe but but what what I really used to love what they did is I used to love when they woulda they would say they would finish back so in the same Hey Anna who the rolling stones Avenue Albany to play the title track will play a cut from the new album coming at me like eagerly anticipating wow man and they've a new album out I can't wait can we do hear it you know the Russians the radio station radio station couldn't wait to play it something new from a great band reach for so many years you wouldn't hear any new Tom Petty on the radio radio you will hear no rolling stones I'm currently now was it was do you play it's the same old thing over and over and over and over the same all hit you've heard a million times and they don't play the new one maybe I'm not a loop maybe someone in towns plaintiffs or giving credits enough you know and then and then I met I'm wrong but I have not heard anyone planes knew who album enemy there should be a big day these guys getting up there and they still rock so well and it's just a it's a wonderful album but so much of the planet so since they're not least that I've heard then I thought at some point we will go through some of these cuts tonight listen to it together I would listen to a little bit of a little bit of it I've I've heard so I thought why not missing do together right we can all explore the new album together we can all get a take on it and then maybe I'll they'll ask you to be music critic you could tell showing the new who among so think about that we'll do that at some point here last night now I'm not a by any stretch of a big under his phone number two nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty nine to one fifteen thirty and toll free one eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty not a huge on watching Miss America here miss Universo whatever my mom when she used to watch that stuff what candles lasting can those laughing did they remove the bikini then they usually became a segment in Miss Universe or isn't Miss America I'll have to do some research on that path that you would you would know that well like I said I'm not a big you know like an expert on charges or anything but it is a nice looking ladies and all that but I know they they had eliminated the bikini say may because obviously it must be saxes if you have women in bikinis for goodness sake which by the way I just disagree with now they are costume contest I think are really a costume contest to get myself in trouble here damn my costume would be bikini rights miss Russia what is your it's a book came miss Canoga park what do I do notice when this is okay it's a it's a bird kini yeah so now it looks like they have it I think it was Miss Universe I can't remember but now they have a costume contest and just between you and me and please don't hold it against me I'm just a man and I don't mean to be disrespectful I may be speaking on behalf of other men out there not that many of us really sit down or really watch the shows these pageants but when you're when you're being a nice guy your I guess your wife your girl or whatever maybe is it down watching together right maybe you do and if you do yes I know it makes a lot easier is what I'm saying as the man if perhaps there's a bikini segment first is a costume segments miss Ecuador coming out is the skeleton beautiful wonderful that's a great outfit I don't get it but any now Steve Harvey I was doing the show again last night if you recall he party a couple years ago and one of the biggest mishaps I guess my hometown of Saor mistakes in in pageant history one of the biggest I've ever seen on TV well he gives you would like all my gosh that god is never wants to go through that again he does not want that to happen again this coming national television for god sakes yeah I want to.

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