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Corwin Hake begins our team coverage with these new details all four of the injured survivors are in their sixties three of them two women and a man or incentives factory condition. The fourth is a sixty seven year old man listed as serious in intensive care. They were among the fourteen passengers aboard the two sightseeing planes involved in a mid air collision over water near catcher Cam for are confirmed dead to still reported missing ABC aviation analyst, John Nance describes the planes as vintage float planes, manufactured by Havilland capable of taking off and landing on water aircraft that may be up to a half a century old, but they're very much in service and the ad very rugged aircraft used throughout southeast Alaska 'cause of the crashes unknown team from the National Transportation Safety. Keyboard will investigate the planes were both part of a shore excursion from a cruise ship that originated in Vancouver BC. Corwin hake. Komo news. Komo news time twelve thirty to the chief executive of Ethiopian Airlines is calling for a much stricter reassignment before the seven thirty-seven max returns to service. We believe that the dire flight control system needs to be reviewed. That's t- will get Romero who tells NBC news his airline won't be the first to fly a recertified 737. Max he says it may be the last the opium airlines suffered one of the two fatal crashes that forced the maxes worldwide. Grounding, the other being lion air out of Indonesia pilots who fly for Amazon's main air freight contractors, say a pilot shortage could compromise the company's reputation for fast free delivery, the pilots have launched an informational website without enough pilots to deliver Amazon goods around the country. The products we order may simply not be available may no longer be eligible for free delivery or may take longer to get.

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