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The world While the day's top local stories coming up after ABC it's 7 o'clock From ABC News I'm chuck sievertson The victory for Florida governor Ron DeSantis and his feud with Disney He is expected to sign a new law passed today by Florida's Republican majority lawmakers ABC's Andy field The new Florida law means that a year from now Disney could lose its special status that allows it to build its own roads run its own fire department virtually everything of regular county does It also saves Disney taxes Disney stands against Florida's so called don't say gay Bill appears to a spark that vote critics say that removing Disney self government will cost surrounding counties billions in debt and having to provide those services Disney is the parent company of ABC News Philadelphia ending its indoor mask mandates say city health officials just tonight a sudden reversal the city health department says the number of hospital patients is down and COVID case counts are leveling off President Biden is sending another big military and economic aid package to Ukraine ABC's James longman and the city of nipro Biden said he's almost exhausted his authority to provide military aid and would go to Congress next week for more money to keep the weapons flowing To modernize Teddy Roosevelt's famous advice sometimes it will speak softly and carry a large javelin because we're sending a lot of those in as well It all comes as Russian president Putin declared victory in mariupol even though he says he's called off an attempt to storm the last stronghold held by Ukrainians in the city Mario pole has fallen The crash today of a small plane into a remote area of a General Mills serial plant and Covington Georgia being investigated No one aboard survived police trying to determine how many people around the plane captain Kevin Malcolm with Covington police The plane came.

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