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I'm just a yearns you now. Yeah yeah you know. You're not you grew like dynastic or emily dynastic football family. You're not like in. Uh shucks like your to fucking stem cells injected in your forehead. You're not an oss. Shucks guy. Yeah even in high school. I was like no not this now. He morton won a national championship. The next year i was like say it's not him. Yeah that's a comedy thing you ever knows for bullshit early on and you're like this guy is fucking phony as fuck. It just doesn't land jordan rewatching watching that the documentary that dropped from espn and during the quarantine. He everyone talks about him is that he's like a dick but also people mention that like he was so cutting and it was he's just that level of alpha that he's like a like he's so talented that he also has to dominate psychologically and comedic. -ly off the field off the court and fucking love that about him. I love if it was probably later in my comedy career when fully like i love a good dick a kid. Who's funny. yeah i like. There's something like like. I like but it's also it's like a take a musician where sometimes like i have friends. That are musicians. I like to watch them work. And then i have other friends that i don't wanna see what they do it. All around them is a nightmare. Because you know. And that's how i feel about dick heads. That are funny really funny. I do not want to be around him at all right right. I want to be caught in that fucking like gravitational pull but it is fun when he comes through. Mj's a great example because he's like he absolutely backs it up. You know what i mean. Well i can even say like he's like but i am the best and the hardest working. He's got like both of those candidates so he's almost allowed to be an asshole dairy to say something to this guy he's doing all the fuck he's putting it all on his show mean great team all around. Obviously but this dude is wildly capable. So i think he's allowed to bust your balls and make you gamble against them every once in a while and make you better at like the people that he picked where it was like. I think you saw people like they're hey really went after that guy and then you see like you see that guy be like really did but i really liked it and it made me push thing. I was also honored the He he was unrelenting a and made mile. I'm a male athlete in the nineties. So that means. I grew up trying to impress older. Men i look for. I look for validation from my dad from my coach from my teachers from my recruiters so having it from michael jordan is is worth it. I don't care that he slapped me in the face for everybody on the team. The i'm just having a for being honest to like there's way human beings are motivated are different and my out just kind of figured out like early on the if they could challenge me in some way or just come at me kinda aggressively. I'd be like fuck you. And then i would see. My coach coaches never figured that out. Because that's my dad's mentality. So that i reject but if you give a modem of support if you're like honestly gave you have the i think if you take this ball and you go to the right you got you. This is possibly a good play. And i'll be like you're right. It is thank you for supporting the by choices for the first time. Anyone papa i just. I understood that. I was always like why. Are you being so fucking nice to that guy watching out do unless somebody's main to me. You're like training and the jimmy i. Why did they treat him. So nice. three you know. Evolve coaches just nodding exactly mr davis exactly worthies ab skill angrily working out. Because he was nice to the other guy who plays catcher just those one day figured out a man. That's that works not doing it that it works. That's that was the damn..

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