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Chris Wallace on Fox News channel the animating questions for me as always what's going to happen next. If people sense that you're not pushing an agenda, you're not pulling your punches they're going to rely on you. It's a commitment to the truth one of the advantages. I think having been in this business a long you're able to detect what is real what is important, and what's just hold the nickel noise. Chris some fucks names Janelle real news. Real honest opinion. Actress Laurie Laughlin and her husband Muslim, oh, gee, newly face even more charges in the college admission cheating scandal after refusing to take a plea deal on the original charges of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud now they and seventeen other wealthy parents who are also indicted, including several CEO's facing additional count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, as well as mail and wire fraud allegations each charge carries a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison other parents and broiled in the scandal have chosen to plead guilty to the first mail fraud related count signing agreements, including actress, Felicity Huffman in exchange. Prosecutors have agreed to seek specific recommendations, for instance, in huffman's case to ask for quote incarceration, at the low end of the guidelines, Molly line new charges for Laughlin and others may result in stiffer jail time, if convicted now it's no college admissions cheating scandal, but actor Chris Hemsworth admits that he. Broke some rules to get his daughter onto a Disneyland ride the adventure. In game star told Jimmy Kimmel live took his young daughter on the tower of terror before she was technically toll enough and wildlife biologist or using some unusual tools to help an endangered species. Crawling through the Louisiana swamps and a wildlife caper swapping out eggs from the nests of rare whooping cranes with spy eggs or data loggers to learn why some chicks are dying in their eggs Louisiana department of wildlife. Biologists say, we don't know a lot about wildness incubation. So the spy record temperature humidity position once a minute. Even seeing how often the eggs are turned an important parental step in a growing chick. Looks like the real eggs are incubated at the Audubon center in New Orleans. Fox's Therese Crowley and the rally in crude oil pause US crude fell forty two cents in New York.

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