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Welcome back our final segment with Dr Dianna, polka talk about her work American cosmic. And of course, tell us the title. How did you get the title, Diana? Sure. So the title, you, just you know, you don't titled the book before you. Right. You kind of title Khan. Did you write it? And as I was researching the origins of our space program, I came my my editor actually who's a very intelligent incredibly intuitive one in suggested that I read this book called the Russian causing by George Young. And I did. And I was also at the time reading books on Jack Parsons, you know, and the people who figured out rocket technology. And I realized that these people were pretty their beliefs were pretty out there. And they believe a lot of the belief that they were in touch with non human intelligence. And that they were actually using that word again downloading they were downloading these technologies, and I thought, wow, I didn't know that about our space programs at all I thought our space programs work completely materialists, you know, scientific materialists believe in anything like this. But actually, if you go back to the brilliant people who did develop these technologies, they weren't they did have these belief systems. So so I decided that and the people that I was studying now. Right into that history. And I thought this is almost like his book, of course, is an incredibly academic book and my takes off in a different direction. But I thought that the people I studied could have been the next chapter of his book. So I called my book. I it's like an Omar his book. So I called my book American causing, you know, American cosmic his he he studied the Russian causing program. And I studied the American one perfect. Let's go to Don Kent, Ohio taken away. Donald rather, George great program tonight. Do anything Diana just wanted to ask you a few names out there for you about the spiritual side effects of the UFO going up Roman Catholic I used to be fascinated by some of the exploits of Monsignor Corrado Balducci. Now, he was adviser on you those, but his degree was indeed Manala g and he was also an exorcist now. Talking with Tommy about Stanton Friedman. He said he made a statement always impact on me. So that you were beneficial. Why didn't they stop the HOA cost? And then we got Jack Malahysia he says there was a connection the merry UFO connection. And so what is your take on the spirituality of the? Right. So I actually use a lot of the work of Jacques valet in my book. I talk about the Marian apparitions and how they if you do look at that thing about the Catholic history. If you look at the original sources of a lot of really dog Matic events like married. I mean, tree of Abbas, you know, ecstasy you'll if you read what he says about it. It looks like it's from John max abduction book. Right. So it looks very USOC. And so this struck me as incredibly odd when I I did this research like in the very beginning. It was like a hit on slap in the face kinda thing. Like, wow, is this what I've been reading. And so so the spirituality I think that that is why the Catholic churches takes no official position other than that. You know, how itchy was on. I did see an interview of him a few years ago where he basically talked about how he believes that there were varieties of these eighteen as well. And he said there were bad ones. And there were good ones. And there were a lot of them were superior to humans, and perhaps even you know, a something that had to do with what we consider to be angels or something like that. Because I mean, if you look at the angels, even angels are supposed to be different species of themselves. So, you know, say that so I think the correlations there. If you if you read the book, I have it's it's there is a lot of of Catholic references throughout the book almost every chapter. What do you think though in terms of if you had to make bad would the extraterrestrials be more and Djelic or more interplanetary from other systems? Right. Okay. So that's a really good question about even how the universe is structured. I think is I believe that with the with science today. I think we're going to understand the universe in a lot. If in different ways than we have before. And I think that if me were to say that, you know. There are being that are that exist on other planets and have other civilizations. And they use some type of technology to get to our planet and maybe study, yes or interact with us or or or is there another dimension. You know that that a code? I I would I would go for the more dimension thing. I'm I'm more of the multi for type you are. So you don't think they're coming here with some high technology propulsion system or anything like that bending space and time, maybe no, I don't I've talked about the people who have spent their lives looking into that. And no, I don't think that's how they're getting here. Well, I think that if if okay. So if you talk to people who have maybe seen them, and you've talked to or you look at the data from the historical accounts. It appears that they just appear right. They don't kind of like come. And you know, they they they do, and I and they don't appear to be. Mostly solid on just I mean, they looked like solid objects. But then they changed and they don't look like solid objects. So I mean, what kind of technologies that, you know, something that we aren't capable of producing or, you know, or even imagining at this point, you know, so I so I'm that's where I'm at right now. I remember I have no settled idea of what this is. I really don't. I'm just going along. I'm basically in doing exactly what scientists are doing. I'm just learning about it as we all are. Let's go to Joe and Long Island New York Joseph. Go ahead. Yeah. Hi, Donna seems like that being being dead like in Star Trek. Scotty, right. What the about biblical accounts of angels. Now, it seems like take for example, tell that would way feel it seemed like Rayfield hung out for the whole issue of issues involved, which the outcome of which was the beta bottle and stayed on topic. He didn't start talking about the Yankee game of the met game. You know, he's stuck with the topic. So that seems to be a theme throughout many book accounts, Angels'. And then what technology that I haven't app Rangel's on the smartphones. The contact Angels' probably not yet not yet. But probably soon. Yeah. It's probably just gave somebody a good idea. Gela cami. Yeah. They're gonna make millions of dollars on it. So let me think about that. Okay. So when I I've written about any published papers about you know, how people perceived angels. And and I've been reading about it in my book about privy, Tori. You know, what are angels? So you know, what are they? And and if you look at the biblical count, you'll see that they differ, right? That the different accounts. Are you know, setting to scare people to you know, almost to death. Right. Like jacob. Okay. So they fight with them. Okay. So you've got you know, they come an angel comes to marry and says do not the free, right? Well, she's terrified. And so, you know, we have I remember telling somebody this a long time ago. I guess it was probably even before I began to study. And my daughter's fifteen I was really young and we're playing into play. Round and she had a play date with somebody. And it was the dad that was there. And we started talking about angels. And I didn't you know. I it's not like I'm saying, I know all about angels. But I said what I knew about the sources of the biblical I and they said they don't really portray angels as how we think of them today. He's like, you know, really, you know, kind of happy things that come down, and with you know, wings and grant wishes and do this. They're actually terrifying. And he looked at me. And he said do not talk about that in front of my child. I want my child to believe that you know, in the kind of like, and I I was shocked by that. 'cause I thought well, I wasn't tending to talk to child about angels in the first place. But you know, if you actually do want to know about angels, why don't you go and read about them? And you know, read this sources about them, you'll find that there are different types. And that they are not they don't always appear friendly to people. So. I saw you say I mean, I know that, you know, the the bad thing about people in my field is that we disabuse people of what you know, a lot of my seems kinda class. They believe all these things about the bible. Then we start to read it. And they're like, I didn't know it said that and I said it I'm not making it up. And I even tell the bring your own bible class. It will read it. So did you ever talk with the very downing? Dr Barry downing at all. No. But I see that's the thing is I know the works of people who do this kind of what I would call forensic angel al-ajiz right for looking at the actual sources and looking at the words, you know, the Hebrew or the Greek and how they're used. And you know, it's it's fascinating. You know, you do whole class on on angels. You know as doing angels tomorrow night on the show. It doesn't end. I heard that. And I thought oh, yeah. You have to for that one. Let's Brielle California. First time caller, John. Go ahead. Hi, Mr. Noriega, and Dr Dianna high about oh about a month ago and talked in because I had some facts on its perseus. But. He's the nicest guy in the world, but he gave me the total ten foil hat treatment. So. Tell you you can take it or leave it, you know, he he shows to just write it must've been in his strange mood. Okay. Amongst the more than one thousand plants with intelligent life is the last one to have religion. I was told that the others had outgrown it. So apparently at one time they did have religion. But they outgrew it. That's an interesting possibility. Dinah, what do you think? They started with religion. But they grew out of it. Right. So I mean, I think that religions I mean, I know that a lot of people do not believe this, but really appear to change over time. And what I've said in this book is that this is a new form of religion. I think that religions take different forms based on the society within which they are practiced. So here we have this idea that religion will disappear. I'm not sure I think that is long as beings, and I'm and I'm including beings, not just us are conscious and self conscious. I think we're gonna wonder about our origins and the universe in general. And and as I said before, you know, a lot of that motivates religious practice questions and things like that. So in terms about growing, I mean, I can see munitions changing for forum. Absolutely. You know, they already have. You know today we have what are called the nuns which and I'm not talking about end Yuen's I'm talking about. And oh, n you know, peop- young people can do not believe in anything. They're kind of just they have a ambiguous, spirituality. So I if that's what they're talking about. Then I can see that happening. Stop. We have lain in Fort Myers, Florida. Hello there. Lane. Sure. I have a little lawn Georgia. Do..

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